Do you try to buy from the same store?

  1. Do you try to buy most or all of your LV items from the same store? So far, I've purchased from 3 different SA's at 2 different stores, and also ordered a few times from eLuxury. In 2 weeks, I'll be in the DC area and want to buy something at Tyson's, so that's a third store! It's doubtful I will ever buy enough to become a VIP customer, so does it even matter if my purchases are random? I guess I'm asking if there's an advantage for the average buyer to find one SA at one store and stick with him or her. :confused1: Thanks!
  2. I usually do..if I ever get things from a different store it's because I'm on vacation or something. And if certain items aren't available at my store, I'll ask my SA if they can get ahold of them for doing that, you can build a relationship with an SA.
  3. ^^^ITA and by building a relationship, that can help with hard to find items and waitlists!
  4. That makes sense. In the days before designer bags, this was never an issue! Thanks!
  5. Same for me as well. I've been buying from the same SA for almost 4 yrs, but occasionally, if the item isn't available at her store, I've bought from other stores (very rare).
  6. I do too.

    I would buy my items from the Neiman Marcus boutique, but I feel the SA's there have a "ugh... don't look/talk to me" attitude. :rolleyes:
  7. I can´t speak of actual stores since we don´t have one here. But as in eBay stores, I always check Rebeccalou28 and Timeless_lv first before I do a search if they can´t provide what I´m looking for.
  8. i have just decided to stick with one sa in each store. one in lv boutique, one is Saks. i really would like to narrow it down to just ONE total, but i like them both so much! although, overall, i just want credit for buying so damn much and for all future purchases i will make and maybe one day qualify as a vic.
  9. The Chicago NM on Michigan Ave. has some like that (they don't have LV there) in handbags--a couple nice ones, but some act like I couldn't possibly afford anything they have, so I'm not worth their time.

    I can see what you all are saying--there are benefits to concentrating on one or 2 locations and connecting with a particular SA, rather than the scattered shopping I've been doing.:yes:
  10. Yes, same store& same sa.
  11. plus, using one sa helps if you ever need help finding a piece, they know you are more willing to run around for you.
  12. Yup, same as the one by me. That's why I don't go them unless I have to..they seem to want to stand there and gossip about me more than they want to help me.