DO you think??

  1. DO you think if I buy a bag now, with the wallet, and I keep the tags on it then they will honor the PCE in March and refund the difference? I am really digging the zebra tote.
  2. I'm sure they would. Good luck with not wearing it. Just knowing I have a new bag I must use it.
  3. There's no guarantee that it would work and I think it largely depends on the relationship you have with your SAs. The PCE coupons say that they are not good on previous purchases so it's possible that they wouldn't allow it. Maybe you should ask your favorite SA ahead of time. I think if it was a week or two before PCE that you wouldn't have a problem but a couple months before -- I don't know.
  4. I don't know, I think they have a stipulation about previously purchased items but it probably depends on the relationship you have with your boutique or if you get someone that will do it I would imagine.
  5. that is weird we (mokoni)just posted basically the same thing at the same time lol !
  6. ^LOL! I noticed that, too!! I guess that means that we're right. ;)
  7. I don't know about your store but mine, even though I have a great relationship with my SA's, doesn't allow any PCE on previous purchases, nor can you place phone orders with PCE, and they won't even tell me that there is a PCE coming up! So I guess it really depends on how strict they are.
  8. :yes:This is a good idea---ask first. I'm loving that bag too!!! I hope you get it!!!
  9. I asked my favorite SA and he said they probably will since I have a good standing relationship with the store.
  10. ^^thats great!!
  11. If not I will return it!!! If they do give me the difference I might just ask for it in a store credit so I can get something else. I think I am offically banned though!!
  12. I am thinking of doing the same thing with my Heritage satchel I just bought. I figured I would return it then buy it again with the PCE. lol hopefully I can!
  13. They'll do it for you because you're a great customer AND you've got some great SA's at your store! Anyway....what do you mean banned??? What about our outlet trip??? I don't have to buy anything.:p
  14. i concur - hell, i even change em in the car if i like it that much !