Do you think they will do this?

  1. I saw this on Ebay and I really liked it.
    Do you think LV still can do this?(I'm not 100% if LV has done this)
    65_12.JPG 26_12.JPG
  2. Painting - yes, LV will but they ultimately decide if it can be done and how much it will cost.
  3. if i may ask..what's this?
  4. ^^^ Do you mean, what is painting? LV will paint your family's coat of arms, for example, right onto the item. But it takes time and costs a mint!
  5. I'm not sure if that was done by LV...:confused1:
  6. in LV in paris they have loads of salmples iwth things like tht and your initial so i know it can be done here
  7. I believe LV will only do painting on hard sided luggage.
  8. yes LV still does this on hard sided pieces. There is a case in the SCP store that matches the orange Groom stripes. * swoon*
  9. Ok thanks! I will ask next time how much it will cost:yes:
  10. I thought they only can do the painting on larger items especially luggages..not so sure about small bags or accessories.
  11. ^^ hmm me too .. i didnt know they would do the painting on small items