Do you think these will ever be in stock?

  1. These shoes always come up at NM (Suede Peep Toe Pump) as being on sale, but I have yet to see them in stock. Do you think they will come in stock at some point in time or probably not?
  2. Doubt it...but I still check daily.
  3. LOL me too :shame:
  4. I know, I saw that and got so excited. Oh well.
  5. I called NM about them yesterday, and I was told that they won't be getting anymore. They said that they didn't anticipate that this shoe would have sold out so quick. More was requested from the vendor, but it's a no go.
  6. I highly doubt it as I've been stalking them for the past month or so LOL:tdown:
  7. This is one of those shoes that sold-out long ago and then marked down....well just about everything *technically* gets marked down at some point (according to the NM database), it's just that a lot of these "mark-down" offers are defunct in actuality since the price went down in their database after all the merchandise has been sold out.
  8. oooh they're cute! they're the suede VPs? i saw them on eBay.. try your luck there!
  9. Yeah! I saw then on eBay, as well. Is CL suede easy to keep clean and in good shape?
  10. I highly doubt that these will come back. I ordered this shoe from 2 summers ago and I remember that even then sizes were limited and it was hard to come by. I think that it is currently on the site because one probably just popped up as a return and someone was lucky enough to snag it at the sale price.
    I am sure that you can find it on eBay.