Do you think there are any liars on this board?

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  1. On other messageboards, many people have been caught lying about their lives, wealth, possessions, gender, looks, etc. Have you ever suspected anyone on this board of lying?
  2. There may be because people lie, but I don't suspect anyone. It's funny. I belonged to a message board for fans of anne rice and a lot of people were fake, but the ones who fessed up you would have never suspected. I guess people lie online, but they lie offline too.
  3. Well, I think it isn't necessary to lie on a forum which is about our obsession on handbags ,but i know it could or might happen because it is human nature. I personally don't care about getting popular, I just enjoy reading the threads and looking at pics and sharing my thoughts on subjects that interest me.
  4. Sheesh. We all have lives here, we don't have time to play detective so we just take people's words for what they are. Excuse my bluntness, but this is a silly topic.
  5. This board so far has a lot of wonderful caring people, that love to talk about thier favorite subject matter HANDBAGS !!!
    we all enjoy each others threads, advice, pictures and stories. Asking members weather they think one or the other is a liar seems very provocative.
    This is not like other forums and I believe most members would be disturbed by this post.
  6. I know! That's what I love about this forum, that everyone is here because they love handbags and are very supportive of each other. I should've posted why I asked the question! I linked a friend to a few topics on this forum because she wanted advice on which new bag to get, and like 10 minutes later she just flatly said how half of you are probably lying or something and started criticizing how materialistic it is to obsess over handbags of all things. And that thought had never occured to me before and I never read anything that indicated that someone was lying, so I was just wondering if anyone felt like she did. But then again, she's a very jealous person... which would be why we're not very close friends!
  7. Indeed, silly and provocative subject. We're not here to label each other liars.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.