Do you think Sophie......................

  1. Do you think Sophie will become the bag everyone will start to carry to the point it will be like the mono speedy? I think it is a really cute bag and want one. I just wonder due to the low price on the bag compaired to most LV's is everyone out there going to buy it and will you will see it all over. Also did they start to copy it as a fake bag yet????? I wonder how many fakes we will see of this bag.

    I am not seeing much in the Spring line that interests me. I do want the Azur Speedy---I thought about the lace one but I really think you have to see that in person.
  2. No. if it were not for the forum I would not know that this bag even existed.
    And if I saw someone carrying it I prpbably would have thought it was a fake. LOL

    Not many people know about this bag. It definitly won't be common. And its soon to be sold out in Hawaii.
  3. Yeah, I don't think it will be a bag everyone will be carrying. I think they only made a total of 7,000...correct me if I'm wrong.

  4. yes, and i heard that only 700 are being sold in hawaii.
  5. I don't think that it will become as popular as the speedy. I live in Hawaii and I have never seen anyone actually wearing the Sophie (except for myself). Granted, I have a small child and we don't get out as much as we used to..... lol!!! Seriously, I have not seen the Sophie on anyone yet. The stores are not displaying the handbag and when they get stock in they go through their waiting list.

    The SA told me that they get many requests from Japanese tourists since LV is less expensive in Hawaii.
  6. I think this bag will be much more popular in Japan.....
  7. I don't think you will see everyone carrying it as it may not even becoming to mainland US, europe etc
  8. Especially since *sophie* is a LE piece for Japan & Hawaii only. There' probably 1/100 chance of spotting one on a daily basis.
  9. I try to work out how to get one:crybaby:
  10. no ...its harder to get so you won't see as many of them.

    Sure is a cute bag.
  11. yeah I haven't seen anyone carrying it either.
  12. what happened to me!!:wtf:
  13. Depends. First it's necessary that some celebrities bring it, then when you start to see the first fakes it will become the new speedy. I think sophie has good possibility as it's cheaper than many other bags and can carried in many ways. The small room inside may be the element that prevent it to become a popular bag!
  14. :wtf: What happen to you was horrible, twinkle! :sad:
  15. Most people don't even know about the style and by the time they do it will probably be sold out. So no, I don't think it'll end up being that common.