Do You Think It Would Be Weird For A Guy To Carry A Mirror Keepall

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  1. I am buying things for my traveling this summer.. and i am fascinated by the mirror keepall, it looks SOO nice.. But do think no offense to anybody, it would kinda be gay to carry it if you were a guy... I am thinking to get the damier azur keepall instead..??
  2. Not at all, IMO!!!!! It would look SOOO hot on anybody!

    Just keep in mind: Buy whatever YOU feel comfortable with. Don't let other people's ops get in the way! ;)
  3. :yes::yes:

    I think the Miroir Keepall works for both ladies & men. In fact most of the times I've seen pics of people with the keepall it's been men.
  4. Go for it!!!! I think it will look great and there will be alot of jealous ppl out there!!!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. the mirrow keepall would love gorgeous on anyone. if you really unsure then I would go with the azur keepall, its my shopping list.
  7. ^^^^ That's the pic I was fixing to upload! Great minds think alike!!! :graucho:
  8. WOW!!.. thanks guys.. Now I am def going to get it.. Cant wait for the summer!!
  9. Totally!! the TPf mind link works again it happens all the time

  10. Can you still get one?? I thought they where all sold out by now
  11. I would carry silver one with any doubts!!! Go for it!
  12. ooh and the other thing you may want to think about the some speedies have shown stress marks if they are too heavy so I guess this is more likely to happen with a keepall unless you have it half empty, sorry not trying to rain on your parade I just want to let you know all the facts
  13. Get one! Kanye West does it!
  14. I'll try my hardest.. i'll call my SA and see if he could get me one.. I see some on ebay.. but i am a little hesitant to buy from ebay??
  15. no it won't gay! u will be one hooooooooooooot guy!