Do you think I'm a pain???

  1. ok, not sure where I would post this but since it has something to do with my J12 watch, I figured I could post it here. Ok so here's the deal, I bought my j12 watch and had it charged to my Visa. Well, I just found out that I could have used my Saks card and I would have accumulated points towards a gift card ( I know, I'm kinda slow trying to figure things out about this Saks card). Anyways, do you think I would be a pain to have my SA refund my Visa and just charge it to my Saks account? Do you think that would be too much of me to ask my SA?
  2. I think it is gonna be ok:smile: Anyway she is not loosing the commission. I think SAs are prepared for such requests since that is what the card meant to do. It will take her only a few mins but she knows she will have you as a very happy and loyal customer. Go ahead!
  3. I am always juggling credit cards with my s/a at Nordstrom. She has no issues with crediting one card and charging another just to keep me happy and spending money! :biggrin:
  4. No, I think you should definitly ask, since you didnt realize the benefits of using yoursaks card for this large purchase I think you should get rewarded for it! I don't think its too much trouble at all for your SA, they get people doing these things all the time...Just tell them that you didnt realize and I am sure that it wouldnt be a prob and I don't think you should feel at all bad about asking!
  5. I know I shouldn't feel bad since I bought so much from her, but I always feel like I'm too much to handle and always too timid to ask for anything more. I feel like I'm taking too much of their time. but we are talking about gift cards I could have for future purchases:smile:
  6. would definitely do it. I don't see why it would be too much of a problem for her. She still gets her commission. :biggrin:
  7. IT's not a pain at all! Totally understandable!
  8. definitely do it! it shouldn't be a problem or a pain to him/her at all.
  9. not at all!!!!
    if that keeps you shopping with her, why would she mind?