Do you think Damier accessories go with the regular monogram canvas?

  1. I love the Damier pattern on small items, it is so cute. But do you think it goes with the MC or should I just match everything to the MC? Also-do you think the multicolor matches the MC? What about the Vernis pieces? Just curious....
  2. Personally, i think everything goes together, maybe with the exception of denim and most things. :smile:
  3. I think the mono and damier look gorgeous together!
  4. Oh yes!:yes: :biggrin:
  5. I think the mono and damier look nice together. I have the Speedy 30 mono and I use the damier cosmetic bag with it. The set has a nice "flow" to it.
  6. What pattern accessories do you guys think goes best with the denim Baggy?
  7. Absolutely!!!!!!!
  8. Colleen ~ I Switch Bags Daily. I Don't Always Want To Switch My Accessories...So, I Love Mono To Go With Everything (I Stick With Complete Mono). With MC I Switch Over...As Well As Damier. Not Epi...& Depends On Which Vernis Color I'm Using......

    I Think Any Pieces You Choose Will Look Fabulous.....I Think If You Like It, You Will Be Most Comfortable! :smile:

    ***Here's An Interesting Bit (You May Already Know This).....Part Of LV's Displays Are By What Is Suppose To Look Look Nice Together. i.e. Red Epi Speedy May Be Shown With A Mono PTI......

    .......Does Anyone Else Know About This? I Think It's Interesting, But, Again You Need To Go With What You Like!!!!! :smile:
  9. I think because of the colors of mono and damier, it shouldn't be a problem to put them together!
  10. i think this would look really cute w/ the damier. :amuse:

    i just put them together off elux:biggrin:


    a pink vernis piece would go very nicely with it, i think!:cool:
  11. I think the damier and mono look great together, same color of pattern!

    I like the pink vernis (or any color you like) with ANY of the patterns because it is a solid color.

    There is no right or wrong, combine what you like!

  12. I love how you put these together! So cute, you are right! NOw I think I need a pink vernis cles!:heart:
  13. Red epi is great with denim, mono and damier.
  14. I don't like to mix the patterns- I like a solid color for small leather pieces that go well in every bag. JMO
  15. That's true! :yes: I didn't think of that!