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Do you think Black MC is too heavy for summer?


Apr 22, 2006
Canada Eh
I did a search on this question and didn't find anything;)
I have an ongoing love/not-so-love relationship with the MC Speedy. I had a white one last year and absolutely loved the look of it, but it was just sooo heavy! With all of my stuff in it, I felt like I was hauling an anvil- so I sold it.
Now I'm missing it (have forgotten the pain). I was going to repurchase a white one but yesterday I saw a woman with a black one and it looked so chic. But I'm worried that the white would be better for summer and black would be too heavy. Any thoughts? Do you use your black MC Speedys in the summer also or is it more of a fall/winter bag?
Thanks for any input:smile:

Bag Fetish

Iphone Addict!
Mar 28, 2006
the land of cold!
I agree the bag is heavy period!
Funny i was just chatting with s/o about this same topic.
I love my mc speedy.. i'm all giddy when i take it out but hate that it weighs a ton.
After seeing the priscilla i think its a nice change to the speedy and would be lighter.

After for color i think the black is ok for spring and fall, would be ok for summer nights. Although with the colors on it i think you can get away with carrying it throughout the summer :smile:


Apr 27, 2007
Since you've had a white one, go for the black one! The colors really pop on it. It's less feminine and more chic, I think.

Kittie LaRoche

Aug 24, 2006
Supernova Heights
if you really loved the white one I don't see anything wrong with re-purchasing it .... it's a gorgeous bag :love:

I think it depends on your overall outfit, etc whether white or black is the one for you :yes:
Sep 24, 2006
The Golden State
I don't think the MC Black would be too heavy for summer at all --- it is a gorgeous bag with lots of different colors that you can choose from for your outfits. White jeans and a colored top (no prints) would look fantastic!


Mar 2, 2006
I don't see why it would be. I've carried both black and white MC in the summer and always feel especially happy because of all the colors on the bags. Plus, the black MC looks great with white outfits!
That said, I tend to carry my black MC more in the fall/winter months but I don't abide solely by that, I carry whatever bag I want whenever I want to.