Do you talk baby talk to your pets?

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  1. Yes. But I also talk to them like humans, and make silly noises at them.
  2. Oh yeah I do it all the time, so does my mom. I really do think that my dog and bunny enjoy it! My bf absolutely loves to give me crap about it tho, lol.
  3. not only do i baby talk, i even adult talk to the doggie... he's so smart and awesome.... it's like parents who all think their kids are the smartest/best.... i'm exactly like that... LOL
  4. Absolutely!
    Love them all!!! (2 dogs, 2 cats)
  5. Definitely! They react so much more when I do. But I also talk normally to them. I spend a lot of time at home with just my dogs, so I talk to them a lot! haha.
  6. Absolutely! Even to pets that are not my own!!
  7. yup! They seem so excited when I do. SO CUTE.
  8. I do to our cat and to my parents animals. I can't seem to stop myself! I do talk to our cat in adult talk too, but she always ignores me.
    I will say that she LOVES for you to tell her how pretty she is, she bats her eyes at you!
  9. Yesssss I dooooooo.
  10. and my BF ALWAYS talk baby talk to our mini doxie!

  11. Same here!:yes:
  12. yes i do. When i do, my bf will say "he doesnt understand what u are saying" but later on, he will talk to him too...:P
  13. Of course I do!!! And they :heart: it!!!
  14. Oh I so do, too!!!
  15. Of course! And my DH baby talks to him too.