Do you take your precious bag out clubbing?

  1. Hi there, im thinking of buying a LV clutch or a Shirley for going out or clubbing. But im worried the ciggie smoke will stink the bag. Any of you take your bag out for clubbing? What is your experience? Thanks for sharing.
  2. i don't see why you can't..... LV canvas is very very durable........ i don't see any harm in bringing her (bag, i mean)....
  3. I used my MC Shirley for clubbing once; I found it was too small even for just clubbing. I like using my McKenna shine bag or Panda Pochette for nights out.
  4. yeah, im not worried about the bag getting damanged, im worried about the ciggie smell... If it stinks , how do you get rid of the smell? Thanks
  5. No, I would not take my bags into a bar. I can't stand the smell of smoke on anything...let alone my LV's.
  6. that's why I want to get the azur pochette for clubbing...i'm hoping it's small enough but will fit lots of stuff! I took my Mono speedy 35 out once..omg..big mistake...i couldn't dance cuz I didn't want to leave it at the table....and when my and my SO were slow dancing it was like inbetween us..hahah...kinda awkward.
  7. crystalstar where are you? Here in CA no smoking, even in no worries about cig. smell. Thank goodness!
  8. fortunately in Buffalo smoking is not allowed inside the clubs. i took my Pochette Cancun out clubbing last week, which was so easy because i could just sling it across my body and not have to hold on to it
  9. Im from vietnam...... Club/bars here are baddddddd, filled with ciggie smoke...
  10. I hear you on that...smoke inside clubs/bars is probably *the* most I hate about the whole night scene...get one off ebay :P If its pre-owned you'll be less likely to freak out if (heaven forbid) something DID happen to it :sweatdrop:
  11. yikes I would worry about drinks being spilled on it or something! Plus I actually do not go clubbing, lol so I guess I would not ;)
  12. I took my Shirley out clubbing before...the worst thought in my head was that some thug would try to steal it from I wrapped the strap around my wrist.
  13. If it's a clutch or something that you can easily hang onto, I'd say sure! Pochettes are quite the popular piece to use over here. I once made the mistake of not stopping home to switch my speedy for another bag (I was at a nice dinner with friends before) and ended up being paranoid the whole night.
  14. Hehe so so far the biggest fear of taking the bags clubbing is that someone will steal it :smile:. Totally understand, i will be constanly watching my bag too.
    For those who brought bags to club and got the bags all stinked, what do you do to get rid of the smell? Thanks
  15. I've smoked with my lv's before (lol...sounds like i'm using lv ciggies or something!) and they never smell, not even my wool marc by marc messenger holds onto the smell, i wouldn't worry