Do you stuff your bags when not in use?

  1. Yesterday I went to LV to pick up my Bedford and I was asking my SA if I should stuff this bag. I know that in the past I have purchased bags on eBay that seemed to have lost its shape...anyways she told me that to preserve the shape of my bags that I should always keep them stuffed with tissue paper. (especially with Vernis as the lining will seperate from the exterior if you don't stuff it causing the bag to look "mangled.")
  2. No, that's a little too high maintenance for me. I just store them sitting upright on the top shelf of my closet. I've never had any problems with any bag losing its shape unless it was really abused.

  3. only my epi speedy. i have that with all the stuffing that came with it in it until i use it then out then back in when i'm done. i don't want it to get wrinkles.
  4. Yes, I stuff them whenever I do not plan on using it for an extended period of time.
  5. I should stuff them but so far I´ve only stuffed my cerises bucket.
  6. I stuff mine with old sweatpants. I can fit 3 pairs in my speedy 25!!
  7. i stuff my speedy, but that's it.
  8. I stuff all my LV and MJ bags with tissue paper, old t-shirts or handtowels, or old tank tops.
  9. Some bags I do, some I don't. They tend to be a bit scattered about, then about once every three weeks or so I will gather them up, clean and condition the ones that need it and stuff the ones that need it, and put them all away in the armoire or closet.....until they all 'leak' out again.
  10. yes, I stuff mine with towels or rolled up sheets
  11. Only bags that came stuffed do I actually take the time to keep stuffed. As for your bedford, you don't need to stuff it unless you REALLY want to.
  12. I stuff my CB pochette because it's very flat and awkwardly shaped if I don't. I stuff my Coussin so it doesn't cave in and wrinkle the vachetta. I used to stuff my Papillon 26, but I ended up using this bag so often that it was a pain to stuff and unstuff the bag all the time.
  13. I never stuff my bags but I will when I buy a vernis piece.
  14. I only stuff my Saleya, Damier Speedy, and Trompe L'Oeil Pochette, with old t-shirts. The other bags I have hold their shape pretty well so I don't need to.
  15. I stuff my Speedys, and BH when not in use with rolled up t-shirts. The Deauville and Petit Noe are not stuffed when not in use.