Do you still love her.. in 2014?


Sep 18, 2013
Hi everyone, i posted a ''help me decide'' a few days back on choosing between Fluorescent pink and Royal blue. I suppose there are equally as many pink & blue fans but i got curious to what one of them said (with good intention) ''the pink is a fad color that is already very dated''.

I'm aware that back in 2012 there was a big hooha over the Fluo pink but does it ever go out of trend? Can a color go out of style? I've been a Chanel fan and recently hooked to Celine. I love the look of it so it doesn't matter if it's not the current IT color. I'm just wondering those of you who own the Fluo pink, did you end up selling it once its no longer hot? Did you keep it and do you still wear it in 2014? Would love to know! :biggrin:


Mar 28, 2012
Actually I am not a big fan of bright color bags or clothes. Most of my bags are Black.

However I have Chanel 2.55 classic flap in Fuchsia since four years ago and still in love with it. Never in mind want to sell it.

This year I got Celine Phantom in Fuchsia and Tie in Orchid. Still decide if I should get the Box bag in Pink as I am so worried about the scratch issue.

Bottom line, follow your heart. You are the one who use it. Which bag do you think you will enjoy using is the answer to your question =)


Aug 9, 2011
If you like a colour and it goes well with your wardrobe and personality, I don't think it will ever look "dated" or a "fad" to you. Go with your gut instinct.

I personally shy away from bright colours but if you can pull it off daily, then it's a good investment. Buy what you like and not what the magazines/internet/blogs say.