Do you spend more on jewelry or handbags?

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  1. except for my engagement ring and my watch i don't wear expensive jewelry. Honestly I prefer trendy costume jewelry. I would rather spend hundreds of dollars on a bag than a piece of jewelry. Lately, I've really been wanting a spy. It is so much money and I've been saving up. Is it silly to buy such an expensive handbag, a handbag that is more expensive than some people's nicest piece of jewelry? What do you prefer, handbag or jewelry?
  2. For me, by far its jewelry. DH likes the compliments he gets from others on what he buys me.
    But you buy what you like! I never cared much for jewelry till I got older. Just hope I don't evolve to the big grandma brooch stage.
  3. definitely handbags! i have solitaire earrings that were a gift from my grandparents, a solitaire ring that was a gift from my aunt, and some tiffany's jewelry that i've bought myself and that's about it. for some reason, i'm not as into jewelry.
  4. Luckily, my DH is very generous with both. I got new diamond earrings, necklace and diamond dinner ring for christmas along with a Hermes Birkin. I really depends on what you like and wear more of. I am fully decked out in jewlery everyday and change handbags constantly. On the other hand, I have friends who don't wear alot of jewels but have great bags and vice versa
  5. While I love both, I don't change my jewelry ... I have diamond earrings, tennis bracelet and ring and also gold chain bracelets and anklet that I wear every day ... so I have to say Handbags!

    although I DO want a 3 stone diamond ring ...
  6. Lucky girl. Your husband is very generous! Mine is too, just not as wealthy.:smile:
  7. I wear mostly costume jewelry... but I loooooooove buying bags!
  8. Hi!
    Great question, but as you can imagine, it's asked a lot!
    Please do a search and join a conversation that's been started already.
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