Do you see other e/w bags around?

  1. I seriously have never seen even one. Although I have seen plenty of classic flaps.

    I sometimes wonder if people think my e/w is fake because it looks like an "off" classic flap to those not in-the-know... anyone else feel this way? It's really because in the whole city of Chicago I've never seen another woman carrying an e/w!

    It's not that I'm excessively concerned people will think I'm carrying a fake... I just sometimes wonder!
  2. Other than on here - I've never seen another person IRL carry an e/w. Well, except one of my close friends, but I don't count her since she's also a PFer. :p

    But then again - I hardly ever see people on the street with Chanels. They're usually a very rare sighting.
  3. Maybe it's because some ladies prefer to use this as an evening bag? Since the E/W flap doesn't hold much and it can easily be used as a clutch. Just a thought ;)
  4. Maybe I've just been missing it. Chanel classic flaps seem very popular with the ladies here, and I see lots of them in the evenings. I will keep my eyes peeled for an e/w used as a clutch.
  5. I think I've seen one or two out, but I like that I don't see myself comming and going. People who aren't in the know about bags could think any of my bags are either knock offs or inexpensive and I don't really care, sometimes I prefer when someone doesn't realize the value of my things.....
  6. I have not seen that many Chanel bags where I live and I have not seen anyhone with an e-w. May be that they are being used as evening bags and I rarely get to go anywhere "nice" for evenings out. I am thinking of getting an e-w flap & if I do, it will be for those rare evenings out.
  7. I use my e/w gray caviar during the day because it's light and easy to carry. I've gotten more compliments on it than any other Chanel. (Pretty odd given it's petite in comparison to most purses.)
  8. i don't see many chanels at all out and about. (where are all you ladies hiding?:confused1:)

    so that includes e/w and classic flaps. almost no sightings!
  9. Where I live I don't see women wearing chanel flaps at all! just the teenaged girls wearing the fake cambron at the mall
  10. I see mostly Coach, Kate Spade, Dooney & Bourke and Gucci where I live.

    When I'm in a more metropolitan area, I do see plenty of Chanel bags. I have seen a few E/W bags. More regular flaps though.
  11. I saw a very chic girl carrying it when I was out at a bar/club place. I don't think people not in the know even know what a Chanel bag looks like, so don't worry about that. The Chanel bag is distinguished by its exquisite chain and quilting, and the EW definitely have those traits. Although I would agree it's a lot less common, but that could be a good thing!
  12. Nope, in fact I have only seen 1 lady with a classic flap! I see mostly cambons, both fake and real.
  13. Mostly I see jumbo flaps and medium/large flaps, but did see a super chic lady (on the subway!) wearing a black caviar E-W with silver h/w with what also seemed like a Chanel blazer....couldn't keep my eyes off her bag!
  14. I have only ever seen one girl with a Chanel in London and it was a fake Cambon!
  15. Where I live (in Singapore), I seldom see Chanels and come to think about it, no I have never seen e/w bags around! I see many cabas though! Oh the other day in town I saw someone carrying the classic Jumbo flap and I was like, ahhh I got to have it! :smile: