Do you really need the PCE card to get the discount?

  1. This summer, I brought my card to Coach for PCE (I bought it on eBay), after the sale, they let me keep it and I went to a different store later that week, but forgot my card, they still gave me the discount, they told me outright that I didn't need to have the card, just as long as I mentioned the sale.

    This fall I didn't get a card, but I called the Coach store and asked them if I would get the discount if I mentioned the PCE but didn't have a card, they said "no problem", they would have a card there to scan.

    Did they change something? Maybe I will call tomorrow and see what they say. I will tell them that I know there is a PCE going on but I don't have the card, I will see what they say.
  2. supposedly on this one you must have the card. The one in March may be different, but this is for "select customers".
  3. Something similar happened to me too...there was a PCE at a regular boutique and i went in to ask them what's going on..they told me it was PCE and i asked if i could get the discount too if i didn't receive the card...then the SA said yes, they will give me the discount!! =DDD but i didn't buy anything at that time because I wasn't very into coach....but now i am! haha
  4. They seem to be being very strict this time around. You must have the card and can only use it once.
  5. When I stopped by my local Coach store last Wednesday, the store manager was kind enough to extend the Preffered Customer dicount (25%) to my order. She also mentioned to me that this time around, Coach Corp. was asking that the stores enforce the policy that this month's Preffered Coach Customer discount card "is valid for one transaction only and will be collected at the time of purchase." There is also a stipulation on the discount card which reads, "This invitation may not be reproduced or transferred, including electronically or via the Internet. Any reproduction of this card will not be accepted by our stores."
  6. That's been on at least the last couple of PCE cards but they haven't enforced it too much. Heard this one was going to be different. Seems kind of unfair that outlet-only shoppers get first crack at the spring stuff. Don't know why I'm complaining though. I never get any of the cards. But thanks to kind tPF-ers, I've gotten PCE the last couple of times during the regular PCEs. :flowers:
  7. I think this go around the March PCE is going to be the newer merchandise. The only new things in the store I frequent right now is the signature stripe and the scarf print. The heritage stripe has been there for a few weeks already.

    They aren't releasing most of the new catalog items yet. Though I did get a sneak peek from the back room of a few of them tonight.