Do you put any charms / scarves on your Chanel bags?

  1. I just bought this cute Hermes Raspberry Charm from wonderful Mlowran and decided to try it on my Chanel bag. I didn't think it would work but it looks pretty cute. What do you think?

    Do you ever put any charms/scarves on your Chanel bags? If so, do you have pics?

    Chanel Tote + Hermes Charm. resized.JPG
  2. I've never put any charms on my bags...
  3. The raspberry charm looks nice on against the black leather. I have never thought to do this, I'll have to see what I have, charm wise.
  4. When I was going through the "scarf phase" (wearing different scarves daily) I would put them on my handbags.

    I never thought of putting charms on them, good idea. I think I still have some of those Juicy Couture charms, would that look good?
  5. the charm looks cute on your tote. i've seen a few people hanging charms on their bags and it looks really cute. i havent really seen people putting scarves on their bags here, only in the Coach forum, i know Coach does that with their bags in catalog's. I would be careful though which charms to put, hoping it wont scratch the leather.
  6. Yes I have put LV scarfs on my LV bags, also on my chanel pink expandable I put a chanel key chain on. I love that little xtra touch!! Your heart is adorable.:tup:
  7. Sometimes I put a Alexander McQueen or Thomas Wylde scarf on my bags. It just gives it an edgy look.
  8. On my black Chanel square tote, I tied a blue-ish Pucci scarf to it. The colors work well together. I am still waiting for my son to show me how to post my stash. :p
    On my LV Theda bag I put a scarf in it (because of the open view effect...makes for less of a chance of "picky" people) and on my Pradas I put a matching Prada keychain.
  9. I never put charms or scarves on my purses, but I think on certain bags it adds a nice touch.
  10. I do put the chanel key chains on my bags. But my SA always warns me against wearing them on the calf leather & vinyl bags cos they'll scratch the surface or the strap. Ur raspberry looks cute!
  11. sometimes i put a diamant alexander mcqueen scarf on my jumbo
  12. I sometimes put a little toy charm on my structured chanel bags, never scarves though.....:smile:
  13. Normally, I don't really like putting charms from other brands on my bags. Since your charm doesn't SCREAM Hermes, I find it adorable.

    I do think it looks odd though putting something like a monogram LV charm on a Chanel bag.
  14. I sometimes tie the blue "cherries" Hermes twilly on the side of my Chanel Kelly's handle.
  15. I put a Chanel black/white/beige camellia scarf on my Chanel bag, I like it because it matches with everything.