Do you prefer the studio album or the live album?


When discovering a band, which do you listen to first?

  1. Live

  2. Studio

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  1. I'm reading Slash's book right now, and he's talking about when he's not sure about a band he always starts with their live album first:

    "I believe that is the only way to determine whether or not the band is worth attention."

    (Slash, p. 41)

    I start with the studio album. The sound is really pure and if I really like it, I'll move onto the live album.
  2. I prefer the studio album myself, it may not be as pure as the live album but imo the studio version is how it was first made and meant to sound.

    Saying that, if I have been to see a concert, I would prefer then to have the live version to remember a great gig by :smile:
  3. Studio albums, I don't like live albums or concerts. I, however, like listening to live opera recordings. The truth is that often singers or groups are just not that good live.
  4. I only like live music when I'm there in person.
  5. Studio albums...a lot of the times bands and singers don't sound very good or like "themselves" (what they sound like on the album) when they sing live
  6. Studio. It's probably not as 'cool' as the live version but I like the sound to be crystal clear.
  7. Definitely studio ... not a fan at all of live albums.
  8. Studio for sure, live just sounds really weird to me.
  9. Both. And it also depends on the artist and the music. In general I prefer different versions for different occasions. Sometimes I like it very polished other times I want more emotion.
  10. I can't get a feel for the song if there are people screaming in the background.
  11. Studio, definitely!
  12. Im going to have to agree with all of you, def studio. The sound is clearer, and a lot of songs dont sound as good when sung live.
  13. I guess I am one of the few that prefers live. I would say 95% of the 40,000+ songs on my iPod are live versions. Okay, I know I am a little crazy when it comes to Springsteen but I probably have over 4,000 live Springsteen shows. I have almost every show he has done from 1970 to just the other day on CD. I also have a few hundred U2 shows on my iPod and I bought the last 4 complete Pearl Jam tours on CD.
  14. I'm not saying I don't like live, I'm just saying I listen to the studio version first.
  15. When I first discover a band, I'll listen to the studio album first and if I like what I'll hear, I'll try to find more albums and then I'll see if I can find live stuff. Some bands are great to hear live and then there are others that are better in studio, so I guess it really depends on the band and whether they're known for their live stuff. If it's a band I absolutely LOVE, I'll try to find everything I can by them, both studio and live.