Do you prefer basics or statement-pieces?


Feb 27, 2006
Would you rather invest, say, $1000 into good quality t-shirts, dresses, and jeans of the James Perse, Sevens, and Ella Moss variety...


... spent that entire amount on one big statement piece... like a Marni top or a Temperly dress? And slowly fill up your wardrobe that way?

I took a long hard look at my closet and discovered that it was bursting with basics - and though I've gotten a lot of use out of the endless rotation of multi-matching outfits, I do wish I had one big standout, go-to piece. But I don't know if I can give up a year of buying basics to do that. :P

Any thoughts?


Oct 12, 2006
Well, I stick to inexpensive but durable and dependable brands, but I definitely believe in the principle of investing more in basics - think amortization - something like jeans, or a jacket or cardigan in your favorite neutral - items you will wear over and over again, year after year, can justify a higher purchase price than something like a rhinestone-trimmed tank top which may or may not be in style next year, and even if it is, will not be worn with the same frequency as a black scoop-neck t-shirt anyway.

Thus I would first make sure that all those basics are in place, and if any need to be RE-placed, do that first, and then if you have money left over, go find the most inexpensive incarnation of the trendy sequined tank or the big wide riveted belt, or the "shrunken cardigan" or whatever latest and greatest thing you like most that looks good on you!

That last is especially important. We never get too old, or at least I haven't yet, to be tempted by pictures in magazines or somebody on TV, wearing some currently popular fashionette, but you have to make a habit of visualizing the thing on YOU - and if you sensibly decide against the gaucho pants for your five full foot self, there is always another trend that WILL be flattering to you!