Do you match your bag with your shoes?

  1. I grew up thinking that making it was when you could afford to match your purse with your shoes...I still find myself buying shoes based on bags that I have to match. I now know that you don't have to match both, if there's anything Stacy and Clinton (What Not to Wear) taught me it's that! But I still like having matching shoes to my bag when possible!! And if not shoes, I like to match my belt if I can..
    How about you?
  2. I posted these last week on the Balenciaga thread ...

    For more great matches see the "Boots 'n' Bags thread there. (Especially from Decophile!!!!!!):amazed:
    Boots-'n'-Bags-Cafe.jpg Boots-'n'-Bags-Rouge2.jpg Boots-'n'-Bags-Sapin.jpg
  3. GORGEOUS!!! See, I LOVE that!! I don't believe in overkill, I do not match my bags with the same brand, same pattern shoe. But I love exactly what you showed, subtly matching an amazing boot with a gorgeous bag!!
  4. Occasionally I match them, just for sheer whimsy, but most of the time they don't match, but "go!"
  5. I like to have shoes and purses in the same color of leather - but I usually try to match more with my outfit than my purse
  6. i don't really focus on matching my bags to my shoes. as long as my bag goes with the outfit and my shoes also go, i'm okay with it.
  7. I actually try not to match my bag and shoes . . . as long as nothing is clashing . . .
  8. It used to be quite the fashion rule to match your shoes and bags. Today, however, it is perfectly acceptable, especially when carriny a non-neutral bag color, for them not to match...
  9. Lol, I remember how women used to dye their shoes to match their bags. That must have been a pain.
  10. Oh my goodness, I totally know what you mean. I used to buy a handbag and spend the rest of that day finding the perfect, matching shoes for that particular handbag. I got so good at it, that I swear people would think they came together. I remember I got a leather bag with brown polka dots in fabric, and found...nothing more than...brown polka dot fabric shoes! Just a little overboard there. lol Now, also taught by Stacy and Clinton plus other fashion magazines, you don't have to do it anymore. In fact, they say you shouldn't. This proven by crazy Hollywood wearing stuff on the red carpet like...a green dress, purple handbag, and red and black shoes. lol So I haven't for a while. Well...maybe once in a while. But now when I sell a handbag, I have to list a pair of shoes too. lol
  11. They don't have to be an exact match....but co-ordinate.
  12. hmm... i'm not a miss matching kinda girl... so i don't match them specifically.
  13. Most of the time (unless I am carrying a black bag and feel like wearing black shoes) my bags and shoes do not match. They don't ever clash though. Both complement the outfit I am wearing. In fact, my LV Epi Speedy is a really bright blueberry blue, and I would find it to be a little too crazy to wear matching shoes.
  14. I usually attempt to make my whole outfit work together, accessories included. I have a lot of black clothes and shoes but mostly brown bags so it's rare that everything matches perfectly. As long as there's no major clashing going on (i.e. lots of loud, competing prints/designs) I usually don't worry too much about matching everything.
  15. I don't bother trying to match anything - I let the bag do the talking. I love to clash things anyway.