do you mainly use the Cles... with your keys attached or not? Is it just used as a

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  1. do you mainly use the Cles... with your keys attached or not? Is it just used as a separate card/ change holder and NOT... used as a keychain like thing w/ your keys??

    do you use it w/ your keys OR... do you just keep it in your purse alone?
  2. I always have one connected to my keys. Honestly I have never put anything inside any of them, just kinda decoration. It does help my find my keys quicker when they disappear in my purse though. I really find it too small to fit anything.
  3. I use it with my keys. put my keys inside it so they jingle around in my bag

  4. :huh:OO... that sounds like a great idea. I don't know why I never thought of that.

    I just got a keyholder so that the keys don't scratch and jingle around my purse.

    And... i'm kinda having buyers remorse on the amarante keyholder because i feel like I won't get much use out of it and the cles is more versatile.
  5. Yeah, I just attach my keys to the key chain part and tuck them inside, that way they are hidden and just looks like a cute change holder inside of my bag!
  6. I use it as a keychain and wallet. I have it on my keys and then I keep my credit cards and debit cards in there - so I have all I need with me always ;)

  7. You guys do make a good point, however my bmw key is so huge, I dont think it would fit if I tried. Do you just put house keys in or your car keys too?
  8. I use mine with keys attached. I also keep other keys, lipbalm and tweezers inside.
  9. I used to use it for my keys ~ then I changed cars and the remote thingy is too big, so now I use my Mono or Denim mainly for loose change and the Vernis for my memory stick.
  10. I usually have my keys attached. I am going to use mine next year and keep my school ID in it!
  11. I agree. My Mercedes key is pretty big too, and judging from the pictures here, I wouldn't think it would fit either. Chances are, if I get around to buying one, I would most likely put spare change in there when my wallet gets too bulky, and attach it to my purse as decoration.

    Although, I've noticed the Damier cles is significantly bigger than the Vernis ones, I wonder if that would fit my key? :confused1::hrmm:
  12. I use mine with keys attached and some coins inside when I have spare change.
  13. I use it to store spare change (that won't fit into my zippy coin purse), my train ticket and my work security passes. I keep all my keys within my 6 multiples (and I don't have a car so I don't need to carry car keys with me)
  14. I use mine for my keys as my building requires both the use of an access card and a key. Sometimes I'll put my card and change in it too if I'm just running out to the store for a while. I'm considering getting another cles for use while clubbing.