Do you love your Khaki Coco Cabas? Should I keep mine?


Do you love your Khaki Coco Cabas? Should I keep mine?

  1. Yes - I love it. Keep it!

  2. Yes - I love it. You will get used to it!

  3. It's OK.

  4. No - it's not worth keeping.

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  1. I find myself using my GST more than my cabas. I feel the cabas is too stiff (obviously I haven't used it enough).

    Do you love your cabas? Please give me some feedback. Thanks!
  2. It definitely softens up with use.
  3. i love the cabas
  4. I have 2 different ones. The original vinyl and a bronze one. (Bought my daughter the white baby) It is a great everyday bag. So easy.
  5. I have it in Khaki and I have used it so much! It will soften up as you use it.
  6. I bought it twice for my sis & I tried it on & I wasn't loving khaki cabas. I think you better off with GST
  7. I had the khaki and returned it. I just wasn't loving the metallic finish and lack of CC logo on the body of the bag like the original. It also didn't give me that "Chanel high" when worn.
  8. I'm not a fan of cabas....will prefer GST!
  9. I prefer the black one over khaki.... I didn't really like the contrast stitching... it's just not for me.. :p
  10. the cabas style is very "wearable" and the leather will definitely soften (too much IMO -- i saw a woman with her well worn one and it was shapeless and saggy). personally, i don't love the khaki color, nor am i a fan of the contrast stitching and gold hardware.
  11. I finally had the chance to try on one ----it was spanking brand new. I too thought it was stiff. I would have loved it if it were slouchy.

    But if some say it will soften up w/ use then it might not be so bad. But then again....sometimes you have to just love a bag at first or it doesnt work.

    Good luck w/ you decision
  12. I tried on one yesterday. I have the original one in vinyl and found this one too stiff. And as Roey was saying, I didn't get the "chanel high" so I passed on it although it's really hard to come by in Singapore.
  13. I have the a Black Baby Cabas... it's light, easy to use, easy to get in and out of.. I'm not a fan of having too many or large logos everywhere... I'm also into non-structured it's perfect! :tup:
  14. mine is a large version. I think i will use it for travelling.
  15. my cabas is the black original in distressed caviar leather and it's not stiff at all, it's very slouchy and lovely. i LOVE it a lot.
    but i have seen a few cabas after that and some of em are stiffer than mine, i don't like it too much though.
    so i say that if u don't love it, let it go and find the right cabas leather that u'll love :yes: