Do you like these?

  1. They are Lezlie's from Steve Madden. They would be my first peep toe platforms - I think they are really cute!

    lezlie pair.jpg
  2. I like them, seem to be tough to match for my wardobe but I love peep toes!
  3. Those are cute!
  4. I love peep toes too and I really love shoes with buckle or bow embellishments.
  5. I think they're really cute.
  6. i agree.. cute shoes.. if you have lots of earth-toned clothing, you should get them..
  7. darling, I really like them.
  8. REALLY CUTE! Maddens don't fit me well, but if they did ...
  9. I think they're pretty cute. I love peep toes
  10. Cute!!! I love Steve Madden-- it's the only brand that consistently fits me well!
  11. ^^Don't they hurt your feet though? I have a pair of clogs and they hurt like dikens! I've tried their other heels too and they hurt my feet from just standing and looking at my feet in the mirror (a total of 15 minutes). But I just got their flats and they're comfy.

    The shoes posted are very cute!
  12. ^ Nope :nogood:

    Everyone always says how uncomfortable they are, but I have to wear them alllllll day to get blisters. I have weird feet though :shrugs:...
  13. they're so adorable
  14. I like them!
  15. cute, but not my style... I do however love the peeptoe!:p