Do you like the teardrop toe?

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I'm seeing more and more cute shoes with what I call the teardrop toe style. Here is one example -

    What do you think of it? I think they look FABULOUS with pants!

  2. i like them!!!(even if i prefer less 'pointed' toes or round toes!:biggrin:)
  3. i have a pair just like them black patent too and they go with EVERYTHING! i mean i wear them with so many different things all the time i love them!
  4. I have these, do they quality as the 'teardrop' style?


    If so, I love them! I agree with gucci_girl_gg, they go with everything! I think theyre adorable.
  5. I dont like this shape, the elongated pointed toe... they look like elf shoes on girls. I prefer an almond toe or rounded toe myself.
  6. I love to look at this shape, but I think its a shoes that can only be worn a handful of times. As soon as the shape starts to mould to your foot & you get that widening toe shape thing happening I think it looks dreadful, like you've done an ugly step-sister & crammed your foot into a shoe five times too small. :sad:

    I do think they are sublimely fabulous though.....
  7. Agree,they do go out of shape.:sad:
  8. Not at all. I become very self aware if I wear pointed shoes. The make my feet look out of proportions.
  9. No, I don't like them. They make your feet look really long and skinny.
  10. They'd look cute on some people. I have pretty big and wide feet, those shoes would like a gondolla on my
  11. They are a little bit too elongated for my liking, plus they really hurt my feet somehow.. but one thing i like is they make you look taller!
  12. love them, I wear this stye with jeans all the time.
  13. I can feel myself tripping and falling just looking at these shoes! I do like a pointy-toed shoe with jeans or slacks, but I am too clumsy to pull it off!
  14. I think that particular pair is too severe looking although I like a pointy shoe. . . and I'd hate to have to buy a shoe a size too big so my toes can fit! LOL!
  15. ^HAHA Swank!! I like these shoes- but I have to see what they look like on me... so who knows... I have long skinny feet- always makes it a bit hard to find cute shoes
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