Do you like the skinny ID holders?

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  1. I've always used the zippy wallets but their too big for me now that I'm only carrying my id and credit cards. I saw a cute pink poppy skinny id holder with a gold chain the other day at the outlet for $17 but it's so small not sure about it. I was actually more drawn to a flower print white leather one but the sa recommended the pink poppy bc it was 'boutique' lol I've never had an sa steer me away from the factory stuff! Anyway, Would love to hear opinions!
  2. I have a skinny and I use it alllllll the time like it is going out of style have all my cards in there the DL the debit card etc . While I love purses sometimes I get in a mode where I don't want to carry much and this is perfect

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  3. I've been wanting one so I can use my skinny hippie bag without it looking stuffed. I usually end up with my cards loose on it and I'm always paranoid that I'm going to reach in for something and flip my credit card out with out knowing....
  4. Love them! If I am using a big bag, then I use a couple to hold my extra cards and one for my change... They're easy to stuff into a wristlet as well....
  5. I tried the skinny beacuse I wanted something super small, but I didn't like it for the same reasons as whatever and I now use the same type of MFF card case whateve uses too. I love it and my favorite thing is that BOTH ID windows are so large you'll never need to take it out. Especially useful for me since GA put's your bday in the top left corner and if the window is too small it's cuts off the year. Fits really nicely in the mini wills too.