Do you like the MJ Gennifer bag ??

  1. Hi,

    what do you thing about this style? Do you like it or not?
    I would like to buy a red MJ bag and I´m not sure when the STAM bag will arrive in red.

    What do you think about the color of that Gennifer bag? Is it a nice red type??? Or not..?

    Not really easy to find the perfect bag ;)


  2. I love the colour, such a good shade of red. Haven't seen it irl though... Personally I prefer the shape of the Ines to the Gennifer's. Have fallen badly for GayleLV's cherrytart Ines - it's the perfect red bag imo! :love:
  3. Love the color!
  4. I like the Gennifer, but it's a little too big and too bright for ME in the red. weN84 is right, the patchwork stam in cherry tart is Gorgeous! I've seen it IRL and I wouldnt mind owning it.
  5. The Gennifer is pretty - to big for me though. I love that stam!!
  6. i like the ines. i like big bags. i like cherrytart. so one would think that i would love the supersized version of the ines, the gennifer, but i don't. i like the color better on a smaller bag like the ines or the stam or, even better, the little stam. the gennifer is too overwhelming for me. it's almost like too much of a good thing, kwim?

  7. I like the color, but it looks like it might be a pretty heavy carry.
  8. I love the color, but think it is too much for a bigger bag. To me, at least, it says look at my bag!!! You have to get what you love though. I prefer the Inez too.
  9. i liked the gennifer too...but after someone described all they could fit in the INES,...i thought the gennifer would be a little too big...i agree the shape is not as nice as the INES either....i thought it was a bigger INES at first...i don't mind that it may say "look at my bag" i just don't need another heavy MJ bag right now...i'm traumatized enough with the stam and the stam hobo
  10. Wow, if there is a cherry tart baby stam... it would be TDF! :drool:
  11. you're in luck. there is! you can find it on

  12. I'm a BIG fan of large bags, (regular size bags feel more like clutches to me though - I'm strange that way)!!! :drool: I remember reading a post about the color being different IRL vs. the pictures found online though, (I'd do a search but it's missing). Have you seen it in a store?