do you like purse?

  1. It's a cute bag. What do you mean with noisy? Most of my bags' hardware produce some noise when carried, and I love it!
  2. I like it.
  3. too cute to pass up!
  4. That's a really cute purse.
  5. That is seriouly cute!!! ooh, summertime,big sunnies,cute top,linen trousers, that on my arm,yep,I'm totally sold!!! I don't usually go for big,obvious or showy things but that,I would DEFINATELY find a place for that cutie pie in my wardrobe,and it would not be a chore in the slightest!!!
  6. Absolutely adorable! It's so little and cute!
  7. i love it! i'd so keep it.
  8. its adorable
    but its so small
  9. I bought this bag recently too, and had the same problem, the leather handle is rubbing against the hardware, and is noisy. But the bag is so cute, I can't decide either.
  10. Aww! LOL Funny @ the purse being noisy!

    I think the bag is a great size for everyday use! If you don't have something that you can use for work and the mall and shopping, I think this is perfect!
  11. wonder how bad noisy this bag is...
    I want to get this bag anyway, so I will see what I will do with noise :smile:
  12. Very cute. :smile:
  13. OH i love it. It is so cute.
  14. that's too cute!!!