Do you Like Multicolor Noe-pics?

  1. Hi....I guess my first question should be is there A Noe AND a Petit Noe?

    I was just looking at the thread on Noe and wanted to know if any of you happen to like the Multicolor Noe? I saw a pic of it that looked very cute, but I needed to see more. Does anyone have this bag and would you mind posting pics.......especially on the body??? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! giselle
  2. PS.........especially looking for white!! Thanks giselle
  3. I don't have it..but I think it looks adorable! I'd love to have it in multicolor :smile:
  4. mc noe.jpg
  5. I love the white MC line, but Im just not fond of drawstring bags.
  6. LOVE IT!!!:love:
  7. More pics!:biggrin: It's all I could find:
    noe 1.jpg noe 2.jpg noe 3.jpg
  8. Oh thank you.............that is sooooooooo cute!! Can you tell me if it softens up and looks a little less "boxy" as you use it? thanks!! giselle
  9. I recently sold my aunt's; it wasn't boxy AT ALL! I think that they do some serious cardboard stuffing for photos at elux. Noes end up somewhat circular when stuffed and somewhat triangular when less full.
  10. It's A Beautiful Bag
  11. i am not a fan of the noe...but it looks stunning in white mc! its so pretty!
  12. I am not a fan of MC at all:shame: BUT really like the noe too. Does anyone have it? If so, how do you find using it??
  13. I love the MC line, but I really don't like the Noe.
  14. LOVE the MC Noe. It's in my top 3 faves from the MC line.
  15. it's $1500 now. :sad: