Do you like asparagus?

  1. Asparagus good! I like it with butter, or a lemon cream sauce.
  2. I love it. I just put a little garlic powder on it and steam it! YUMMY
  3. Nope not me, my Dad has it a lot in soup and it stinks.
  4. YES!! With a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper. Either grill or in the oven. :tup:
  5. No...Makes your pee stink :sad:

    But I usually eat it anyway to appease my family members when we're at a family function. I can't stand it when it's not prepared correctly though. I hate it when people don't snap the bottoms off, and then it tastes like you're eating apiece of wood!
  6. Love it! I especially like to snack on it steamed and served with a lemon dill mayo dip. Yum!
  7. I like it plain..yummy.
  8. It's one of my favorite vegetables, we eat it all the time. Toss it in olive oil and grill it. Stirfrys. Roasted.

    My favorite thing, which I do at least twice a month, is pasta. I boil the water, chop the asparagus into about 1" chunks, then drop it in the boiling water for a minute or so just to soften a bit. In the meantime I slice all of the cloves in a whole BULB of garlic. I remove the asparagus from the water, then boil the pasta (usually penne). When the pasta is done, I dump it from the pot, then I put a goodly amount of oil in the same pot, then add the garlic and asparagus. I let that saute for several minutes, then add in a whole lot of crushed pepper, salt to taste, and then drop the penne in and heat it through. We absolutely love this dish, and I always make enough for leftovers, it reheats very well.
  9. I love it, if prepared correctly it's really one of the best vegetables out there. It's somewhat an aquired taste though. =) Kind of like artichokes.:tup:
  10. I LOVE grilled asparagus.
  11. I love it - I sautee it in olive oil with a little kosher salt and cracked white and black pepper. It does not make my pee stink - and it is very high in folate which is hard to get in many of the foods we eat.
  12. Love it! Yum!
  13. I think it's yummy! I love my veggies, LOL.
  14. i looooooove asparagus! any which way!
  15. I love asparagus - especially with Hollandaise sauce!