Do you know her name? my one and only BV

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  1. here is a pic of my one and only BV. I got her last year in hongkong. I tried to find out her name from the SA's but all of them were clueless. wonder if any of you recognize her? :confused1:
  2. Don't quote me on this because BV's have been bad in the past with assigning any names to their handbags and different stores call them different things. But, I think that is an older style Campana that has since been updated and made without the center strap that secures it. So my guess is "Campana".
  3. This Bottega is called the Cross Strap bag. I love the handles, very pretty!
  4. That makes sense. Many of the bag's names sound like a literal description of the bag. Thanks Marly.
  5. ok. thank you so much :smile: