DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN SIGNATURE? ie. jewelry, symbol, colour, animal..

  1. is there a colour that you only wear?

    or a specific type/kind of jewelry?

    or a specific type of animal?

    specific scent?

    what is known or even just to you to be your own?
  2. im working on what is more exclusive to me then to say my friends.

    for some reason ive been levitating toward starfish.. designing a ring to be made for myself as a starfish wrapped around my finger, though i bet other designers have already done that, i think i am also getting into turquoise.. other animals i would say would be a horse, but what gal doesnt have something to do with a horse?? my fave colour is blue but im told that lavender and green go with my skin tones. and i think writing wise i want to get lavender accessories, while for other stuff i like green. im a leo so im also partial to lions.. what about you?
  3. When I was younger, my dad used to call me Dubba, for some reason. We have no idea what it means. Since then, I have it engraved on my Tiffany's Heart Tag bracelet and it's incorporated in my e-mail address.
  4. And before the chain broke, I used to always wear my silver Tiffany bean. (The only time I didn't wear it was when I would go to bed.)

    And at Starbucks, I'm the only person that goes after the almond syrup. (I can taste when it's turned!) I had a signature drink. (Well, two really: Iced solo grande six pump almond latte or a grande caramel light frappuccino with whipped, no drizzle.)

    (Not group whoring, telling a story) Remember how certain people had particular banners as our signatures? Mine was the only one that said Moderator on it.
  5. I've always been known as the cat lover or the bag lady. That's about it.
  6. I wear a ton of jewelry-long necklaces, earrings, etc. I love accessorizing (which explains my purse obsession!) and I'm known for that. Especially purses.
  7. I have a lot of citrine jewelry as its my birthstone

    As for known about me, I'm known to be somewhat tangential in my thinking at times...
  8. My signatures are:
    - Silver jewelry
    - Great leather jacket
    - Killer boots
  9. mine are:

    lisa loeb glasses (but they aren't that anymore *sniff* still not digging the blue)
    red nail polish
    black tee shirts with jeans
    the weight watchers girl (want to know how many points are in something or how many cals or grams of fat...they all ask me.)

    in general everyone knows i'm pretty high matinence and girly. so they ask me about that kind of stuff. i'm also known for ridiculous special orders (i used to be fat)...but that's not such a good signature. :shame:
  10. i love lilac and tulips

    for jewelry i've always been a yellow gold person :smile: even when the white gold was in :smile:

    for symbol i used to be ms. rainbow in high school but now? you guessed it.. ms. handbag. so that's my symbol.

  11. 'The Cat Lady' to my close friends. I also tend to have colorful glasses, so that aswell.
  12. mine is:

    hoodies... my friends are always like, "when are you going to stop wearing hoodies?" "oh look its helen and her hoodie"


    turtle girl

    i like turtle girl better! :nuts:
  13. My signature scent has been Gucci Rush since 01. My friends know me as C.I. can't remember how long I've had that name, and also no one remembers what it stood for either LOL...
  14. The color pink use to be my signature color.. now I don't think I stick to just one of anything.
  15. I have a ring that I don't take off which is pretty unique. Other than that I'm known for my love of flip-flops and you hardly ever see me without my pink i-pod mini attached to my jeans.