Do you have Tokidoki Dreams?

  1. I have had several but this is the most recent.....:shame::upsidedown::lol:
    Ok I wasnt going to tell anyone because it's just weird but the night before the sale I had the strangest dream. Somehow I was in the Lesportsac outlet in NY and there is a long line, they are only letting 1 person in at a time. And there is a big lifeguard chair next to the door and Bruce Willis is sitting in it, yelling at the people in line for their tokis... And he made a few people in line cry that they left the line because they couldnt deal with the mocking..LOL :roflmfao:....that has to be one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had and trust me, I dont have normal dreams ever. Mine are always crazy, that is when I remember them.. :lol:
  2. Lol!! That's so funny! I want funny Tokidoki dreams!!! I think I had one before, I don't remember it though, so I can't say for sureeeeeeee.
    LOLOLOL @ "yelling at the people in line for their tokis" LOL! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  3. I swear to god I am not making this up. When my alarm woke me up, the first thing I thought was "oh no, Bruce Willis wants my tokis." LOL :roflmfao:.. Seriously, what the hell is going on in my head? That is just so random.. lol
  4. hahaha i had one once that i was in this store and the third floor an like an eternity of bins filled with every toki ever made and i was so excited.... and there was more but i cant remember :p

    but yeaaaa having toki dreams is a little creepy lol
  5. omg, i'd never had toki dreams until one night when i was thinking about my trasporto campeggio before falling asleep...i dreamed something about my campeggio but i cant remember what! i just remember i was looking at weird!
  6. Oh that is hilarious!1 What do you think brought in Bruce? Have you watched any Die Hards recently?

    I had a dream where I was looking for Tokis but couldn't find any. That seems to be much more "normal" though, I've had other dreams where I'm searching for something but I can't find it.
  7. Last night I dreamed I won the 331 million dollar lottery. One of the things that I got with the money was to have Simon design a purse for me. I woke up still trying to figure out what the style would be like (it had all leather straps- that I remember and lots of pockets) and what the characters would be.

    When classes begin again, I will have those classical dreams were I am late for class or don't remember there is a test that day. The problem is that I am on the other end- I am the one giving the lecture or the exam and I forgot. I hate those dreams but the winning the lottery dream was great. In a way it is to bad that the tpf can not design a purse and patter and get it made. It is not as if we do not spend a fortune on these bags.
  8. lol i dreamt that instead of receiving my tutti cucciolo they sent me a spiaggia one :s

    & also i dreamt that i was in the southampton outlet but they had all these weird bag styles that looked fake. and they didn't have what i was looking for. i think this was because of the labor day sale i was thinking too hard on the AS and paradiso ciaos..
  9. i've never had a toki dream that had a plot. but often when i wake up from a dream, i can't remember what happened, but i'm sure that there were tokis there :p