Do you have to have an "it" bag?

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  1. I ask because a lot of you have mentioned on different threads that you've asked to be placed on lists for hard-to-snag bags. How is it you know what bags are coming out, do you read about them in magazines or do the stores send you flyers of upcoming bags to be releasead? Do you only buy the lastest fashion in a bag and sell your other bags once they're a few seasons old?

    Just curious. I myself have never asked to be placed on a bag list; in fact, I wouldn't even know what to ask for. I don't care about having the latest fashion in a bag and would prefer a big mark-down on last season's bag instead. I'll look with mild interest at what the celebs are wearing in People magazine when I'm at the hairdresser, but other than that, I don't seek out what they're wearing or care.
  2. personally, i DONT have to have an "it" or "hot" bag........the bags i want depends on my mood and my liking for the moment and it can be from a very old season collection or a newer season BUT i place a great emphasis on good deals and good prices before i purchase a bag :smile:
  3. Hmm... interesting question, Pinstripes! With bags and many other things, I care about what I find most beautiful - if that requires me to put my name on a list, then I might be inclined... but most of the IT bags are very unattractive to me. I prefer smooth leathers with clean lines and impeccible quality... (Hermes...)

    I have a question for you though. What the heck are you doing on The Purse Forum if you don't care about great bags? I'm not flaming you, I'm serious! :smile: You don't sound like me or anyone else who hangs out here drooling over bits of leather and metal!
  4. Ms. Twilly, I like interesting purses, just not to the extent of many of the posters here. I've developed a greater interest in designer purses over the past year and don't like making any large purchase without knowing the product, and this is obviously a great forum for learning.

    Especially since there are so many fakes. I know all about fakes; my BIL is an airline pilot and goes to China regularly. He comes back with all sorts of fake purses. So seeing fakes is easy; seeing real stuff isn't, unless I want to spend all kinds of time browsing LV, et al., stores, which I don't have the time to do. Most of the people I know aren't into purses, wouldn't dream of spending thousands on purses, and wouldn't recognize a designer purse for the most part, either.
  5. I knew what I wrote wasn't going to come across the way I intended it. I'm so sorry!
  6. Oh, I know what you meant, no problem! And hey, maybe after hanging around here another few months I'll be obsessing with the rest of you (but I hope not, lol)!
  7. ;) Good!

    This place is very, very addictive. I'm going to force myself to sign off now or the next thing I know it'll be tomorrow!!

    Good night!
  8. No, I actually prefer not to have an it bag. I don't like having things that other people have.
  9. Let me put it this way. No one's going to come in here and say "Dear LORD I need an it bag!" especially after reading your post. You're going to get a disproportionate number of people declaring their disdain for the trendy and the popular. Not saying anyone's lying (sonya, for instance, I know seems to have a very distinct style) but they may not be representative. After all, people have to carry it-bags for them to gain it status. I don't need it-bags but the fact is, some are very pretty and popular for a reason, in which case lust I must.
  10. I have to admit, I often. like 'it' bags, but I don't buy them. I just have limited funds, so I'd rather spend money on something that won't be yesterday's news tomorrow.
  11. << I don't need it-bags but the fact is, some are very pretty and popular for a reason, in which case lust I must. >>

    Oh, I understand the "lust I must" part, LOL. I was just curious as to the life-cycle of the expensive purses many buy here. Clearly many of the posters have lots of disposable income and I am wondering if they view their purses the same way they might view their clothing. What I mean is, do you cycle through your purses as often as you might cycle through your clothes? Do you look at someone carrying an expensive purse and recognize it as something that came out, say, four years ago, and for that reason, wouldn't carry it yourself?

    I myself wear the same clothes for about four years, then get rid of them. Same with purses, but I never bought the kind of expensive ones I've been buying lately, so I anticipate hanging onto them for a very long time.

  12. I use basically all of my handbags. I suppose I have a preference for my newer ones but I do take out my older ones too. It really depends on my mood and what I'm wearing. I have Miu Miu bags from 2000 that just look like fun bags (instead of luxe "expensive" bags). Sometimes I wonder if I would get better service if I carried an it bag instead of a holographic Miu Miu bag (that no one recognizes anymore) (as I definitely see preferential treatment for those who do carry the it bags), but I would rather have my style and carry a bag that compliments what am I wearing.

    Whenever I see an older it bag, it's usually on people who wear clothes that compliment the bag very well. They are wearing it because of their style not because it's an expensive branded bag. I don't see this very often though. I mostly see nondescript bags, classic bags (like LV, Goyard or Hermes), or It bags.

    Maybe you should stick with classic bags or it bags with a classic design. Given your habit of getting rid of clothes after four years, you would probably do that to your designer bags too because you tire of them. Sticking with classic designs will extend the use of your bag because they go with more things/trends. :flowers:
  13. NOOOO.... i love what i love, not because it's in magazines worn by celebrities and stuff.
  14. No, I just buy what I like. I tend to favor very classic pieces rather than "it" trends anyway.

  15. Actually, I do like some of the it bags because they define the season and coordinate with the "it clothes" very well but I would more likely carry them after the fact because I don't like looking like everyone else.... Of course "looking like everyone else" depends on where I am. In conservative Boston I can wear crazy Marc Jacobs wedges and not look like a lemming whereas in New York I would look like one of those fashion editors/publicists (not necessary a bad thing) that overpopulate some of the areas I hang out.