Do you have to exchange an item at the original store of purchase?

  1. I just called the 866-vuitton number to check for the green perfo pochette. I may just buy the pochette and keep my damier speedy, but I may exchange my speedy for the mini trocadero that they have in stock (the Valley Fair store has more of the perfo line than the union square store.) My DH bought the speedy from the Union Square store; do I have to do my exchange there, or can I exchange it at any LV boutique?
  2. You can exchage/return at any LV store/boutique. I've done it many times. Once I even forgot the bill at home so the store I was at phoned the store I bought the item from and got all the info.
  3. Hello!

    Yes, :yes: you can exchange at any L.V store (even you don´t have the bill).

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    Mimi ;)