Do you have any COACH new year's resolutions?

  1. Do you have any COACH new year's resolutions?

    I am not into resolutions because I always ending up breaking them...however, I promise not to go incredibly stir crazy in purchasing Coach this year!!!

    Who am I kidding??? That will never happen!!!! :yahoo:

    However, I do promise to only buy what I can afford and not charge it this year! :tup:

    Happy Coach Year!!! :love:
  2. I am not a resolution kinda-girl either goal is to pay off my credit card and in the future charge only half or less! of any bag---Coach or otherwise!
    And pay cash for all other stuff!
    I hope to have it paid off in time for the next PCE:yes:!
  3. use my coach collection more often. IE - rotate more often.

    and learn to sell on eBay so I can sell a few bags I know I no longer use! heheh
  4. I like this lol...

    Mine is to not be so fickle/indecisive/impulsive so I don't have to return or exchange as much :shame:

    Happy New Year :tup:
  5. mine is to buy more!:yes:
    this was a good coach year for me, but 08 should be even better!

    and i should also add to try not to obsess over them, such as right now i'm thinking i want a watercolor tote, and i cannot think about anything else! and don't even ask me which i want more- signature stripe or heritage arg!:push:
    and then today i was mentally thinking and talking to myself about heading up to the outlet soon, and i though hmm a lunch tote, i might like those, so i look on eBay and now i can't think about anything else!
  6. Try to buy with PCE more often (i.e. wait until the sale rather than buying before).
  7. My resolution is to stay away from small bags. They are adorable but I have to remember that I need a bigger bag to carry all my stuff more comfortably.
  8. I promise to buy less coach!!! unless i win the lottery! i have a wedding to plan!!!
  9. Buy less, Outlet only unless I get a PCE card and really love something...pretty much what I used to do before I joined PF!!!
  10. I am so with you on this one!!!
  11. eh - I justified a recent bag purchase b/c I can use it for my wedding day.

    I'm going to buy more coach bags with 100% cash this year and I will only bags I feel good about, not wishy washy. I also will only buy during PCE unless my DF wants to indulge me :smile:
  12. I am going to try and limit what I buy this year, hubby and I have a house that we want to pay off before 30 years.

    I am going to try and make sure that I REALLY want something before I buy return less and sell less on eBay at the end of next year.

    I have one credit card that I am vowing to pay off (for good this time!) and use the one with the small limit for all my bag purchases.

    This isn't a Coach New Year's resolution but I wanted to put it out there ... I had this great health and fitness plan I was on last summer that fell apart. I want to get back on that and stay on it. Maybe buying a Coach gym bag would help ... ha ha.
  13. I'm trying to spend less money (this is going to be hard) and trying to ween myself off eBay (it's becoming an obsession!) I just bought a medium khaki/beet Carly yesterday, but it was Dec. 31 - I can still hold off in the New Year, right?? ;)
  14. my resolution is to find a good paying job so i can buy a lot of coach!
  15. I agree with this one wholeheartedly! I never got a card or even heard of this PCE although Ive been a tremendous Coach shopper for years and years. I finally got over feeling weird and went in and asked for the discount, and they gave it to me no problem. Now I have a good SA so we'll see if I get the cards this year, but if not I will wait until the events, ask for the discount and purchase most of my bags w/the discount. I've spent enough full-price all these years.

    I would also like to try to sell a few older gently used bags on ebay, but I'm kinda scared to do it! My DH buys and sells on ebay a lot, so he'll have to help me if I decide to.