Do you have Agendas to match you LV's

  1. I do! I'll start, I have an Indigo Agenda and Indigo Bedford

    I have a panda agenda and panda pochette.

    I have a pomme agenda and pomme lexington, (but agenda doesn't fit, so doesn't really count... maybe)...

    And, I have a perle agenda and perle Bedford... which I've never used the two together... yet... maybe tomorrow with my date:wtf:;)

    Wow, I'm pretty sick, huh? What about you!?:smile:
  2. I only have one agenda and use it in all bags (Damier). I don't mind not being too matchy and I love the Damier look. :smile:
  3. I love the damier look, I only have one chocolate damier, and it's the passport cover. Haven't received my passport yet, but when I do, it's gonna be stylin:yahoo: I love dark damier and would like some more!:yes:
  4. I only have the one Groom agenda.. that I never use. Doh.

    Caannie is the queen of agendas, you should check out her collection.. omg, she definitely has one for every bag !
  5. I have the mono
  6. I have seen that! wow! I know, she has the agenda collection, I love agendas cause I'm a freak about using them all day long! I love note taking and journal writing... I only have the small 3 rings, but I should branch out like Caanie and get some different sizes. I'm a sucker when it comes to a blank book:yes:... I love to write my own chapters....;)
  7. i only have ONE Monogram Mat agenda, because like wallets, i don't know how anyone can transfer their things from one agenda to the next. i'm too lazy :lol:
  8. If you like writing.. one of those MC desk agendas is calling your name. :graucho::graucho:
  9. Wow what a collection of agendas. Sadly I don't have one but I am wishing for the plain monogram one. I think it'll go with whatever.

  10. Oh grrrlll.... I love MC so much, you might be right about that! Once the ban is gone, or I recover a little bit from trips and shopping...
  11. Yep! I remember that black mat, it is stunning! And, it goes with every single one of your fab bags! hot!:heart:
  12. Lol I only have the plum Suhali one and it doesn't match any of my bags.
  13. I don't, but I want to!
  14. I wish! I only have a groom agenda, which I love!
  15. I want an agenda, but i'm waiting for the new styles to be released this fall...