Do you have a 'signature' Mulberry you are known for?

  1. Think I'm going to be the 'Antony ' girl !!!

    When i think of SJ I just see a pink Hanover and tara is definately Mrs Mabel ! Chaz -Mrs Elgin !!!!


    :yahoo::wlae::woohoo::lol::graucho::nuts::tup: (can you tell I'm bored!!!)
  2. Well being a true gemini , I have 2 , red mabel when I'm in the city and my oak roxy in the country!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sounds good to me !! think also that that the Annie suits Kroquet and could also see chaz as a Mrs Roxanne (only some days!!:graucho:)
  4. Hahahaha!! No way!! As I read the title I thought back to when I first came on here and it was with good ole Elgin!! So I thought thats my signature bag,and then I thought,hold on,I'm always waxing lyrical about Roxy,which would it be!!! And Tara gets it square on the nail!! Mrs Elgin,somedays Mrs Roxy!!!

    Tara,you will always be a Mabel girl to me!!!

    Jo,you are Anthony and Annie(never hear much of your beautiful Bays??)

    Sj,definately pink Hanover(every now and again an Araline)

    Kroquet,oak Annie!!
  5. Prob my oak Bayswater.
  6. def my oak bayswater i love her more each day. more than alf n elgin.
  7. I dont know.... probably my black araline as I use it the most!
  8. I have black Antony and Oak Bays and interchange them all week long -- use the Bays during the week and take out the Antony on weekends for handsfree strolling... I def want to add more Mulberrys, but don't think I'm any one particular style. Want a Roxy and a messenger...maybe an Annie if I can find one. I'm going to go with whatever I find at the outlet.
  9. Oak Annie definitely !!! We went out house hunting today and I used her. DH didn't even notice!! What a blind bat he is!! Love, love, love that bag!! She is so casual without being casual...KWIM?? Thanks Chaz !!!!! Forever in your debt!
  10. ^^^^^^^^ S'alright hon!! The way you make me laugh is payment enough as far as I'm concerned!!!xxxxxxxx:heart:
  11. Awwwwww, you are so sweet! I take back that sheet comment!:love::love::yes:

    I see that my Welcome back thread was moved... I sure hope I haven't shown my stupid side too much!! :shame::shame:
  12. Oak bayswater for me. Jo, I would have thought your signature bag was oak Annie.
  13. Although i love annie she's probably the one i use least. Must remedy that!:shame:
  14. Great thread! Agree I'm the girl with the pink Hanover!
    I'd say Jo & the Antony & Chaz & Elgin - altho pink Bays a strong contender too.
    So what about Riffraff - what would hers be?
    Evie - Alfie?
    MulberryRoxanne - def now the Roxy.
    Orkneydaisy - Mabel - think she's got two.
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Mmmm,Riff,what would hers be?? I'm off for a lil wander while I seem to have a stable connection.I'll mull that one over.I'm already leaning towards a Rosemary----- color,not yet,will have a think..................