Do you have a mini skinny? (and picts?)

  1. I :heart: the Mini Skinny!

    It was like I walked into Coach two weekends ago and saw them, I fell in love with them! But the pieces I really wanted were out of stock and the SA doesn't know if they'll be replenishing them... :crybaby:
  2. I have 2..
  3. theres mine with my matching bag!

    Picture 078.jpg
  4. ohhMRmagazine, :heart: your matching bag and skinny! I wanted that same skinny in brown and it's selling out fast! :tender:
  5. haha i use it so much
    if i just got somewhere
    i just stick it in my back pocket
    its perfect!
    i want another color/design just to mix it up
  6. I :heart:love:heart: mine. It is the best iPod nano case, ever! (rather than looking like an iPod case, it looks like a coin purse, and who would want that???) I keep my school ID, my transit card, a credit card and a bit of cash in it, that way it is all there and easy to get at. I hardly ever carry a "real" wallet anymore! But seeing all these signature ones makes me want to pick one up! :p

    PS: I went with the black leather to match the iPod
  7. ^ does it really fit a nano?? That sounds like a great alternative to the iPod cases (which i dont particularly like).
  8. Yup!

    the mini skinny is even under "iPod cases" on the Coach website...and next to it on the listing, it says "Perfectly sized to hold an iPod® Nano"

  9. I was wondering why skinny mini's were under iPod cases!! LOL silly me.
  10. I have an azure blue mini sig mini skinny.. and I've yet to use it once. I'm not sure why it's just not making it into the regular roster of usage.
  11. ^^ lucky! i think those are TDF!
  12.'s vintage leather. It looks great. I have 2 & I use my leather one the most, I'm afraid the signature one will get dirty. W/ my leather I can just wipe it down w/ a baby wipe so easy.
  13. [​IMG]
    I have a black mini signature (my camera sucks), I bought it 2 years ago to match my Hamptons Weekender bag for school. I don't really use it that much, now I use my wallet, but its nice to have for when I'm carrying a small bag or a clutch because all I need is some cash, my debit card, state id (because I don't drive), and my Metrocard. I may start using it again to hold those random cards you get from stores because I have too many of them for my wallet.

    I may be getting a pastel scribble one soon (I have a sick addiction to eBay, lol), so I'll post pics if I get it!!

    And ohhMRmagazine, I love your matching bag and skinny!! (just wondering, but are you a fan of The Academy Is...?) I want another color too to mix it up, I would get something really bright and random just so I can find it easily.
  14. Here's a better picture: