Do you have a buying pattern?

  1. Generally I tend to buy something LV every 4-6 weeks leading up that time I'm fine but at about 4 weeks I start to desperately trawl the vuitton website and eBay looking for ideas.
    Don't get me wrong I don't just buy for the sake of it I truely love what I get but I need a fix. I'm approaching fix time as you may have noticed by the hey what do you think of these shoes...bag...etc etc posts.

    do you have a cycle?
  2. I buy all the time too! Sometimes I can go a few months, and then I get 3 or 4 different things. Some are impulse buys, so I end up selling them.... I recently got the mirage in bordeaux, and I picked up a wht mc speedy that is LIKE NEW, and I am still wanting the hampstead mm!
  3. When I was living in NJ I would go to the LV store every 2 weeks or so and if there was something I liked buy it.

    Now I am back in the Uk I cant do that but I check e-bay every day for anything I might like.

    I know what you mean though as now I have a kind of deep desire to buy more and more, but I do think about my purchases carefully too.

    My next big spend will be at the Leeds meet so I really hope they have some fab stuff in store.
  4. I seem to buy more in the fall/winter. Last year I bought my pochette and speedy right after each other, which was a lot for me still being in college with no job. Just bought a speedy at the start of Sept, and I'm getting another soon ;) I guess it comes in waves. After this next speedy I'm on a ban for awhile!
  5. When I was crazy about the CB line, I could spend hours and hours browsing for the next CB bag. Mind you, I didnt get the chance to purchase a CB bag through the store, so I abused eBay and the purse boards to the limit and managed to buy almost the whole CB collection. By the time I was done, I was truly exhausted, LOL!

    So, I guess, no pattern for me at all. When I want something, I waste no time getting it till I'm satisfied, LOL!
  6. I know for sure that I have bought more stuff since I discovered this site ... before that, yeah pretty much all the time too! lol!
  7. I'm making myself wait for the spring to FINALLY get my Azur Speedy 30, and then waiting til next fall to get the damier Neverfull GM. (I purposely avoided the waiting list so I would have to wait.) I would say, every 4-6 months I get something LV but I just went on an accessory-buying spree which cost me as much or more than a new bag!
  8. I don't have a specific "buying pattern", but I'm glad LV releases it's items every 2-3 months, otherwised I'd be in alot of trouble !!!!
  9. i use to buy one to two bags a year, but the past month a bought the limelight clutch, mahina and the mirage speedy. i think i need to take a rest for a long while.
  10. i don't generally have a pattern. Sometimes I'm OK without a purchase for months at a time and other times I crave multiple items in a month! I guess it all depends on whether I'm loving the items that came out.
  11. Hah! I'm in college and have no job (my job is school...econ major), so I get my bags when I work during the summer (1 or 2 a year, max). My parents think my LV hobby is sorta ridiculous, but then again, my dad has a porsche hobby...:confused1::rolleyes:
  12. 2-3 LV bags at the most only every 2 years and thats it! I always buy the classics or anything from the permanent collection since they wont go out of style even after a few years of use:tup:
  13. I would buy an LV item about every 3-4 months, the fact that I can only get to the store once or twice a year really slows me down a lot as I have to be very sure I will love something before I will mail order it sight unseen.
  14. I sort of have a pattern. I tend to go a long time(like maybe 6 mths to a year) and buy nothing and then all of a sudden I will buy several bags in a short time. I tend to purchase more during Christmas and summer break because I don't work then.
  15. Yep.. work, payday, shop.. work, payday, shop. :sweatdrop:

    Depending upon whether I'm shopping outright for something small or laybying something large governs whether I'll actually receive something for my shopping! :rolleyes: