Do you have a 2008 Coach shopping plan yet?

  1. Are you randomly going to grab as you see things? Or Do you have a plan?

    If you have a plan, please share!!


    I already acted way early on my first spring bag and got the Lilac/Khaki Carryall from JAX. I usually wait for the store, but I am OBSESSED with lavender and just lost all control.

    March- for PCE or birthday gift, I want an all leather Ergo. Hoping a spring color will be out.

    May/June- I want a second Carly so bad. I have the chocolate and it is my favorite bag of all time. I am really hoping they will come out with the pink or purple trim for us, before we explode. So if they make those colors or another fun one I am getting that.

    Then I want to get another black bag around September. And after that I don't know lol.

    Keyfobs and shoes I usually buy at random.
  2. My 2008 plan is to stay away.. far, far away.... Now if I can do it, that is another question :wtf:
  3. My 2008 shopping plan is to somehow make Coach part of my birthday, anniversary and Christmas - and the purchases I make will only be with PCE or limited! Keeping that in mind, I may not actually make any purchases on my own as our anniversary AND my birthday will be around the PCE! score!
  4. I have a plan!!!

    PCE or F&F - Buy my Coach Carly Pouch in black!

    Spring break in March or June
    - Go to outlets and try to find a wristlet, charm[s?], Khaki skinny, and a cute bag! Not sure what type bag I want, whatever catches my eye I guess.

    My Birthday in June - Not Coach but... get my Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy!

    In terms of shoes, I'm not sure... want to try on the Margot flats because they look cute, but I don't think they'll look good on fact, I'm scared they'll look good on me b/c then I'll want them :biggrin:

    So, maybe only 2 - 3 new bag additions for me in all this year from Coach. I want to get more accessories. :p
  5. My plan is to not have a plan. Always works better for me that way!:yes:
  6. Hm....after my two limited edition purchases at the legacy store this weekend...I may be banned all year.... we'll see.
  7. Coach stores will launch their new coated canvas collection this Friday. It is said to be a pretty large collection with several colors, sizes and accessories to match. So, I will be there Friday and make my plan then... I really have been wanting a khaki/ bronze med Carly though...
  8. YEP...
    buy every Coach handbag which is at a great bargain, purchase any handbag which if more than 40% off and try to share it through eBay and so everyone can feel the joy!!!! Lets face it...carry a Coach and you feel better...its like getting your hair done, shaving your legs, or ?? and thinking...this makes me feel good, I should have done this along time ago..which just reminded me...I need to make an appointment for my hair..and I think I may go shave my legs..I need a lift...or heck...maybe I will just go shopping!!!
  9. Too cute!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Oh yea...
    I am wanting to find on sale the Coach Bleecker Leather Patchwork Handbag. Was going to buy the smaller one off the website....and it was only on for a week or two..and now I am trying and trying to get it and I will use it until it falls apart...
    its absolutely GORGIOUS:tup:
  11. I already bought my planner in buckskin, so for the rest of 2008 I just want the keyfob on your avatar! :lol: Are they going to be in the boutiques soon? I would rather just go into the boutique to buy it.
  12. I really try (I try very very hard) to only purchase during the PCE. However, because COACH puts out so many different designs in different colors at such a quick rate, there always seems to be something I want. I try to resist the urge to buy until I see it in the store. I tend to like the Spring line better than the others, so I guess that plan is easier on the wallet.
  13. i don't really have a plan. but i do know exactly what bags/accessories i want.
    but i'm going to try and space it out and only get 3 bags this year! [starting, of course. today.]
    i'm just going to wait until i can get a good price, and i guess that will dictate which bag i get first.
    i want the green zebra madeline, and both the bronze and gunmetal signature stripe totes.
    i figure i'll find the totes first, and then the madeline. and matching wallets, of course.
    god forbid they come out with another bag i want. i'll be in trouble then! :p
  14. I am definetly a random kind of shopper! I see something and I tend to just want to have it! I try not to go into the boutiques and stick to the outlets, so I atleast get a better deal. In the end I know I will just get whatever catches my eye.
  15. I am hoping for a new color in Carly. Pink trim would be ideal but I have my doubts.
    Also hoping for new colors in Lily, either size. I just can't wait for spring/summer!:yahoo: