Do you guys have a Vivienne long in any color?

  1. Hi:nuts:
    I really want this bag(blue) to be my first LV. LOVE IT:heart:
    (but it's not easy to find...?)
  2. I don't have it, but love it and have seen it in the shop and in red.
  3. Hi everyone!

    This is my first message ever, and I can't believe this Q has been asked re the Vivienne long because I've been eyeing it too. I don't own any LV (yet!) and was thinking about making the Vivienne Long my first LV bag too, or at least another bag in epi.

    It doesn't appear to be very popular, in fact so far I've not heard anyone mention it.
  4. I never saw it IRL, but I was eyeing that one, too, in myrtille. South Coast Plaza had just one left when I called about it a couple of weeks ago. I decided on an Epi Alma in myrtille with the straps instead.
  5. I love that bag