Do you get your nail's done?

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  1. I found this video and OMG it is so funny! I'm thai/chinese/and irish so everyone on my dad's side is all asian and after seeing this I was in tears!
  2. This is sooooooo my nail girls!!!
  3. I haven't seen this in years!!! I laughed so hard I cried... it's so true.
  4. ^ lol. before even clicking on the video lin i know what it friend emailed it to me a while ago. i was crying from laughing so hard!!
  5. Oh i know, My grandmother is THAI and couple of years ago the guy I was engaged to we broke up and she said I quote " Kita...why you got no boyfren no more.....he chea......he okay he no good fo u too pretty to worry bout boyfrien.........u go shoppen u feel better>" and so on lol she calls gaterade gatalaide lol! I love my asian family.:roflmfao:
  6. Lolololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. >'.'<
  8. hahaha that was funny! thanks for sharing.
  9. LOVE IT!!! Gotta go email it to all my friends :P
  10. I have some funny asian woman for message ring tone, she says "you got text message, hey u have text message" its funny
  11. Ha ha, I had never seen that one...that is pretty much how it goes sometimes.
  12. Funny! I love how the price kept going up on her nails. "It's only $6 more!"
  13. LOL! she is pretty good.

    they are good at making you spend more money. first the pedicure, then the eybrows!!
  14. That is friggin hilarious!!!!!
  15. LMAO!! Thanks for posting. That was hilarious!