Do you get impatient when you order something online?

  1. I hate ordering things online because I get very impatient waiting for the mail:lol: I rather go to the mall and get it. I try my best not to buy anything online unless I cant get it at the store or its a great deal. Does anyone else have the same problem?
  2. I definitely get impatient waiting for my online purchases to come. But I do most of my shopping online because I get better deals that way (use coupon codes, free shipping, no tax, etc). So basically I'm always impatiently waiting :shame:
  3. OMG, me too! I am the WORST, I'm impatient in general but even more so when it comes to waiting for something I've ordered. But I also try to get the best deal possible so I force myself to order online rather than buy in person if that's cheaper. Gotta love sites like Zappos' free overnight shipping!
  4. YES. I ordered this sweater back at the end of October hoping to have it by my birthday on the 4th. Well I didn't get it until just about a week ago. :cursing:

    I check the tracking numbers I get just about every day lol.
  5. ^ I do that with! Everything I order from there seems to take 5 days to get to me, so I spend 5 days checking the mail even though I probably just checked the tracking and saw where it was haha. I guess I think they'll make a mistake...I don't know what's wrong with me!
  6. haha same here! I track packages like crazy - i'm quite impatient to start, and try to avoid online shopping, but sometimes its just necessary :s
  7. Yes, I do get impatient! This year I bought most of my Christmas presents online to take advantage of the rising Canadian dollar (lots of great deals) and I try not to think about the gifts coming, so they don't seem to take forever!

    Which reminds me ... I have a pair of Paisley Uggs coming and I can't wait to get them!
  8. [​IMG]


    There's me sitting at my computer.

    I love FedEx and UPS express shipping (like 2 day). It always come to Hawaii within the guaranteed time! I do go kinda nuts though because they don't deliver Saturdays. Last week I had a package that shipped 2-day shipping on a Thursday. It "would" have come on Saturday, but since they don't deliver Saturdays unless you pay extra, I had to wait until Monday. Not a huge deal, but still.. USPS generally takes a pretty long time.
  9. Lol yeah, I always get impatient if it takes more than three days. But on the other side, I become really happy when I actually get what I've bought, so it's worth the wait.
  10. Nope, I don't. Usually by the time it gets here, I forgot I ordered it.
  11. I just get seriously excited and always run to check the mail first everyday.
  12. oh my yes all the time. I usually just go for the overnight shipping because I just cannot wait!!
  13. Yep, very impatient! lol, I'm constantly tracking my packages, every 30 minutes or so... I get obsessed. I shop online more than in store b/c of how much easier it is to find deals, sometimes no tax, and a lot of the time you get free shipping anyway with some sort of code.
  14. I LOVE online shopping, and yes I get impatient waiting for it to come. I track and check all the time.
  15. I'm so impatient I constantly check the tracking like every 15 minutes.