Do you find terms of "endearment" demeaning?

  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else want to :throwup: when someone calls them "sweetheart" "sweetie" or "hun"? Maybe it's because I'm only 19, but I find it so demeaning, especially when I don't know the person, or if it is an older man. I don't think I would mind as much if it was an SO...but :blah: ...what are your thoughts?
  2. nah! I'm from the South, everyone is 'Hun' or 'Sweetie' here.

    I don't like 'Ma'am'!!! LMAO!
  3. It TOTALLY bothers me and it's funny because I am from the south you think I would be used to it!

    I have a friend who has a crush on me and it isn't mutual...he always ends the convo by saying bye sweetheart I love you! UGH. How do I handle this w/o coming off as an evil :censor: ?
  4. I KNOW!!! I don't want to come off as a b:censor: by saying "DONT call me sweetheart" but sometimes I can't help it. Sometimes I think it's just the vibe I pull off of the guy when and how he says it. I can't explain it, it just gives me the creepers.
  5. wow I sound like a manhater. haha oh god
  6. No you don't I totally agree, I don't like when strangers or coworkers do it, it does sound creepy, I just say "Don't call me that", from the first time they say it, it happens to me a lot because I work in a male dominated profession, (hon, sweety, I even had someone call me baby)
    I don't like it, I'm not on that level with you KWIM?? I wonder if I call a guy "sweetbuns" or something, will he like it?? :supacool:
  7. I totally agree with you! I really hate it when men say things like that to me. But I am such a wimp that I never end up saying anything about it....
  8. It totally depends on who it is coming from. If I feel like he is an old man trying to hit on me, I hate it. However, about 10 years ago at age 32, we had an old family doctor who's wife worked in his office. He was in his 60's and he said get up on the table "pumpkin" to me one time when I was having problems with my asthma. Actually, I thought that was funny that time, not demeaning.
  9. I used to not like being called "sweetie" or "hun" or "sweetheart" when I was younger, but guess I'm 37, and it sure as heck beats being'am. Ya, I long for those "sweetie" days now!!!
  10. If it's a sketchy guy or a guy that I'm not interested in.. then that's the only time it bothers me. Otherwise I don't really think twice about it.
  11. ACK! I owe some apologies around here then!:shame:

    I know for sure I use it "Sweets" or "Sweetie" around here, but I only say that to friends.

    Sorry! I had NO idea this annoyed people!
  12. I don't like "Honey" from strangers (especially middle-aged waitresses), but I appreciate "Ma'am" (and say it all the time... and teach my kid to say it!) ;)
  13. i find it obnoxious when strangers call me hun, sweetie, or the like. I find it equally obnoxious when couples call one another baby, babe, et cetera. It takes a long while of being with a guy before he can cross into the pet name territory and even that's only once in a while.
  14. After living in Texas 10 years, I think I had to purposely stop saying that when we moved to Philly. I would call a few of my female patients "dear" or "hun" to be comforting. I think it isn't as accepted here, but I don't remember it being a problem in Texas. Cultural differences, perhaps? I certainly didn't want to offend, either.
  15. it depends on who it is calling me something and the nature in which it is intended. If they are being rude and sarcastic, hate it. If they are just being charming and/or loving, I don't mind.