Do you feel guilty about money spent on designer bags?

  1. Sometimes. I don't spend more than I can afford, and I'm not in debt. But sometimes I think I could be using this money in other ways. I could be investing it or giving it to charity. I do invest and I do give to charity, but I could do more. I did not grow up spending this kind of money on luxury items, so I sometimes do feel a little guilty when I think about it. I mean, do I really need 25+ high end luxury bags? No. And some of them hardly get used. Why can't I just be happy with 4 or 5 bags?
  2. Thanks girls:

    Now that I know I'm not alone in the guilt front I'll start enjoying the Louis Vuitton Beaubourg that I just got delivered,:yahoo:
  3. Yes, I do. Even though I've only spent $450 tops so far it still feels like money
    I should be spending on other more 'necessary' things. *sigh*

  4. No way :smile:
    I work hard for my money and spend it on whatever I like without feeling bad (although it means I live on bread and water for a week or so)
  5. sometimes. i've gotten really good deals on all of my designer bags, so normally i am excited about the deals. but sometimes i do feel guilty. i'm in college so sometimes i wish i had more money to spend here or there, but overall i love my collection and it makes me happier than anything else i've ever bought.
  6. Of course, you aren't alone ;) I feel guilty about each one b/c I don't really need them and most of designer bags are overpriced and we are mostly paying for the name. In your case, you just replaced one habit with another. In my case, since I have no bad habits, I just added a habit.
  7. Honestly, I don't feel any guilt. Any money I spend, I made off my own labor and talent, so feel it's mine to spend if I wish. My purchases are generally well-planned: I like looking good, and bags are part of my wardrobe and lifestyle. I also keep my bags for years, trot them out often, and enjoy the heck out of carrying them. I get my money's worth out of every purchase. They're not frivolous; they're part of how I communicate and interact with the world. I don't see anything to feel guilty about.
  8. I just became your biggest fan

  9. No way!! I am not spending food money on them, so I feel no guilt whatsoever.
    I love fashion, I love looking nice, and those purchases make me Oh!! so happy.
    I too plan and think for ages before I spend it, cause I do realize it is a lot of money, so I know whatever I buy, I will use.
  10. Sometimes I do feel guilty. I know that the money could be used in other ways. But I also can afford it and think I shouldn't feel guilty!
  11. At first but then I get over it when I see how FABULOUS I look:roflmfao:
  12. No- I love shopping, fashion, and handbags. My handbags, cosmetics, and some shoes are designer but I save money since I do not buy RTW designer duds! My clothes come from Banana Republic, J Crew, Bennetton, Limited, etc. so I save money on fashion. And I agree since I work hard I deserve nice things and you only live once.
  13. Riddled With Guilt !!!!!
  14. I feel guilty. :sad: I haven't spent more than $230 or so yet, but I feel kinda stupid about it sometimes. :sad: I grew up taught that label items were a waste of money, and looking back I'm glad I was. I remember one year EVERYONE came back from summer with Tommy Hilfiger clothes, then sports team parkas, etc. I'm really glad I was never sucked into that so that now when I'm older and on my own I can make my own decisions and pick designers or labels because I like them, not to fit in.

    However, I'm having a really hard time justifying $625 for a bag (RM wine matinee..) because it seems like a waste of money. I mean, I just spent a little bit more than that for a flight to Europe! But... I like the bag....

    I do feel guilty about the money I spend on bags, but I am in a position where I can afford it, I'm saving almost half of my paycheck every month, and have substantial savings, nothing is on credit, I pay all my bills. Why not? Plus, it's really not too risky of a purchase because of the resellability.

    I feel guilty, but I feel a little bit better after writing this. :smile:
  15. I feel guilty if I ever add up how much I've spent on handbags but more when I realise what I still WANT! Part of me thinks - look at all those gorgeous bags you already have sitting in your cupboard - you don't NEED to spend any more money on more bags when you don't use all the ones you have.