Do you ever....

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  1. Make plans, pick out exactly what you want.....and then freak out and try to talk yourself out of it? :wtf:

    I've been planning for a few days to go to the Boutique after work today and pick myself up the goodies I've been wanting...and now I find myself saying "Ah...I don't *really* need it."

    Someone talk me INTO it. :love:
  2. I honestely wish I had that problem. If I have the $$$ for it, Im always taking it home with me. Now I have way too much! The good thing is I never regret it later cause when its no longer available and Im needing/wanting it, I have it lol!!
    Go for it girl you deserve some nice things!:yes::tup:
  3. Thanks Kimmie! I got a bonus and I told hubby I would do what I wanted with it no matter if he liked it or not!! I don't know why I'm chickening out now LOL
  4. SO, what are you getting?
  5. I think that you should get something! Even just a lil something :P
  6. Right now I have my eye on....




    and a scarf or charm to match, i'll pick that in the store though so i know it matches :smile:
  7. lol- I do this when shopping ESPECIALLY at old

    I'll fill up my basked with like 700 bucks worth of stuff....start going through the basket and eventually I'll just X the window!

    lol~~~but when it comes to BIN finger is quicker than I can think! lol~~~~~~

    what are you planning on buying? Need some enabling? :graucho:
  8. OMG...we just got the tax refund!!! No Coach coupon though....I'm currently sitting here trying to talk myself OUT OF buying another bag at the boutique!!

    However, yes, I do understand what you're saying and sometimes I do freak out in this way...especially when I think about buying at retail prices. I have bulging closets, and no need for another bag. This never stops me in most cases, though. If it's something you really want and have the money for it, I would go for it now while it's still available!! I have one bag that still haunts me to this day, and I didn't originally purchase it because I thought it was a ridiculous price. Now I would actually pay over that price to get it!!
  9. ohh! the perfect summer bag and wallet!!!!! I'd say go for it and you'll be happy go lucky all summer long!!! :yes:

  10. I didn't get a coupon either, but one did arrive from a special someone who was the mail today :smile: :yahoo:
  11. I know exactly how you feel. I'm working on getting my first Gucci. Every time I tell myself "Today is the day to buy one" I ALWAYS chicken out. I guess I can't bring myself to drop at least $1k on a bag. One day I will when I find a bag I'm love with.

    After I buy my first Gucci, I can finally get myself a Carly that I always wanted. Hehehe.
  12. Ugh, yes, I do that a lot! My dh and bank account are probably happy for it though. But really, I put myself through so much mental drain thinking and re-thinking my purchases, it's ridiculous sometimes!!

    So I say stop tormenting yourself and go for it!!
  13. I went and ordered the Medium Soho Hobo in Khaki/Berry and got myself the cute Perfume print ponytail scarf. My bag should be here on Thursday, since they didn't have it in-store!

    I couldn't decide on the wallet it just seemed like such a high price, I was hoping to find a brown legacy at TJ Maxx, but no luck :sad:
  14. Very pretty color combination, glad you decided to treat yourself. We need modeling pictures when you get your bag. I'm dying for a description of the berry color from someone seeing it irl. Congratulations!!!!!!
  15. The berry is more of a hot pink, I love it, as soon as I get the bag I'll post some photos :smile: