Do you ever thank your friends for being your friends?

  1. I only seem to do it when they do something really wonderful, and I should do it more often.
  2. Your thread has inspired my to individually e-mail each and everyone of my gal friends and tell them how special and important they are to me!.....just because.
  3. I do it all the time. Sometimes I send them little notes by mail or text message them. I love my friends, they are like family to me.
  4. I do :smile:
  5. That's a sweet idea. I guess I do thank them for being there for me, but I should do it more often.

    Also, thanks to your thread title I have the theme song from the Golden Girls in my head. "Thank you for being my friend..."
  6. My best friend has been my best friend for the past 24 years. It seems rather late in the day to thank her for being my friend...:p
  7. i used to when we still were friends. now I don't have any friend I feel that close to that I would say thank you for that. I might say I am glad to have met x and x.
  8. Yes I do, and I often say I Love You to my best friend .
  9. I usually only end up doing it whenever something dramatic is going on and they really help out. But I should do it more often. Thanks for the good reminder:smile:
  10. I do. And corny as this may sound but I want to thank Vlad and Megs for this Forum because I've met really good people that I can now call my friends... :tup:
  11. Well every now and then I'll just randomly tell them I love them LOL but I really do mean it!
  12. I do. I'm a 'wear my emotions on my sleeve' kind of girl though. Get one drink in me and I'll tell my friends how much I love them at the drop of a hat.
  13. in cards during ocassions like bdays and christmas =)
  14. Yeah, especially when I am drunk..I tend to be a tad emotional! :rolleyes:
  15. I do! I have 5 best friends and they all know how special they are to me :o)

    BTW- great thread!!!