Do You Ever Feel....

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone ever feels that the money they spend on purses, designer clothing, etc. could be put to better use.

    I always find I struggle myself with the fact that I can spend $800 on a purse when there are people all over the world dying of starvation. I'm going to be in Africa for the entire month of August working in an orphanage and I keep thinking to could I possibly show up there with my Louis Vuitton bag and not be ashamed of myself.

    Does anyone else ever feel this way?
  2. no! i do donate to charitys and i try to do my best i can to make the people i know or working for me feeling comfortable/secure. if i do have money left after that i don´t see anything wrong with pampering myself. of course you can always do more (move into a 1 bedroom appartment and giving everything to charity and working for free in the local welfare centre but i am frankly i can´t do that as i love my life so much if that makes me an egoist well i think i must life with that )
    but i am very thankful for beeing born in the right place he right family the right demografic situation as it is noones choice where we are happen to be born and i think it is important to keep that in mind
  3. My conscience is clear.
  4. well said.. :noworry:
  5. :yes::yes: very well said :amuse:
  6. I donate to charity and do what I can. Also, I used to be a social worker helping people with housing-related grants. Some of the people I worked with who were on public assistance had nicer clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. than me, even though they couldn't pay their rent, and that was why they came in for help. I never asked them to justify their expenditures (though I did refer them to credit counseling), so I don't feel that I should be asked to justify mine.
  7. I guess I just can't help feeling bad sometimes....

    The side of me that loves designer purses, jeans, etc. conflicts with the side of me that says I should be spending that money to make this world a better place.

    I seems I'm the only one that feels that way....maybe it's just my issue? :hrmm:
  8. Nope! I lived without designer handbags and a lot more than that for years and years while my husband and I studied/worked our butts off so that one day we could live comfortably.
  9. I see everyone's point but there is a huge difference between living comfortably and living extravagantly (spending thousands on designer items).

    Although I suppose it depends on a person's definition of "comfortable".
  10. it simply depends on the personal disposable income. take two people one earning 2000 the other one earning 10.000 both donate 50 % to charitys still the last one still can buy the designer good. or do you expect the later one to donate 80% just because he probably could?
  11. Do not bring your LV to Africa. It's like wearing a big flashing sign saying "ROB ME PLEASE". My friend lived in South Africa for 6 months and got mugged 3 times.

    Putting the robbery and charity issues aside, there's something inherently unethical about going to a country with an $800 bag when that's probably the salary of one person for an entire year.
  12. Right well robbery aside (I would never bring such expensive things to Africa...I was just using it as an example) I would feel bad about bringing something like that to a place like Africa.

    But like you said....if someone's salary is $800/year in a place like Africa don't you ever feel kind of guilty for buying a bag that could feed someone's family for a year? You know what I mean?

    I'm not saying everyone should feel guilty or bad about their purchases....I'm just wondering if anyone else struggles at all knowing their bag could possibly save the life of a know?