Do you ever eat ice cream out of the carton/tub?

  1. I usually never do but I had a bad day yesterday and now I'm sitting here in front of the computer with a tub of Mint Chocolate Chip on my lap and eating away......I feel so guilty LOL!!!!
  2. I only do it if it's those little pint sized from Ben & Jerry's.
  3. Uh oh....I ran out lmao!!!!!!!!!! :push: Thank God there was only about 1/5 left in the container to begin with!!!
  4. All the bloody time.
  5. Only if I promise to have like maybe 3 or 4 spoonfulls and NO MORE! :tup: Usually it works....or if it's at the last part of the tub....
  6. I do, but if you ever accuse me of it..i'll deny it! :p
  7. NEVER!

    Only once there was 2 spoons at the bottom of the container that I had to get out, and too "little" to actually put in a bowl so I ate it that way.

    I'm not an ice cream person anyway.
  8. Yes. I always say just a couple spoonfuls... the next think I know I'm sitting on the kitchen counter stuffing stuffing my face for the next 10 min!
  9. I'm not gonna lie...yes, I do sometimes...Not often, but I do :blush:
  10. All the time!
  11. Never... I get grossed out with the idea of it.... esp it's suppose to be shared!
  12. All the time, no one likes the flavors I like but me.
  13. ummm... guilty!! :smile:
  14. I'm more of an orange sherbet person than an ice cream person. I have this thing where I don't like eating out of a big container. I feel like the leftovers will get contaminated with my saliva lol. Double dipping ya know? It's a stupid habit, but I like scooping out my ice cream/sherbet into a nice little bowl.
  15. I just put away my carton of Ice Cream after eating about 1/3 of it:push:. I only eat out of the carton when its Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough because Im the only one who likes it!
    I do need to start putting it in a bowl though, I seem to always go overboard when I eat out of the carton.